Our company’s corporate social responsibility policy is reflected, among other things, in its HRM, purchasing and housing.


Our people are the foundation of our success. Therefore we take good care of them. Our HR policy is focused on development, motivation, job satisfaction and a balance between work and private life. The management in Romania systematically gives every employee personal attention in the form of regular team meetings and at least four appraisals annually. We offer a bonus system and amenities such as sports facilities, daily fresh hot meals from our own kitchen and many team building events. Our people get great satisfaction from their work. On a regular basis, they work hard and voluntarily in local community projects, often initiated by themselves. Our absenteeism and turnover rates are extremely low.


Being a software company, we use a lot of hardware, business applications, inventory and food. In our purchacing policy, we focus on environmental issues such as sustainability and energy consumption. The daily-made meals are almost entirely made from fresh local and regional ingredients.


Every year, NetRom Software further reduces its paper consumption per employee. Efforts include double-sided printing, online forms instead of paper, and e-billing. We also limit the impact of our paper consumption by maximal recycling and the use of sustainable paper.


During construction and re-construction of our offices, we work exclusively with sustainable building materials. The design is based on minimal energy consumption, realized by the use of innovative heat pump technology and solar energy. When selecting partners like contractors, interior designers and installers, their societal and environmental profile play an important role.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)