Every person is entitled to education, work and personal development. We respect these rights. Operating in the middle of Rumanian society, we provide concrete contributions to its development with three initiatives:

Enhancing professionalism of the Roma community in Calafat

We are providing a Roma organization in the town of Calafat with structural organization development support. This has involved legal assistance to resolve a conflict with the Calafat Municipal Council about using a building for the activities of a Roma community centre.

We have set up a literacy project for a Roma women’s group, supporting them in preparing a business plan for a flower growing project. One of our employees was member of the selection committee for the office manager of the community centre. For one day a week during a period of three months, another employee helped the staff improve the organizational structure and develop a strategic plan, while giving a project-plan writing course.

Reinforcing NGOs in Dolj District

In conjunction with the Dutch organization One Europe, we initiated an ‘NGO Adoption Project’. A company ‘adopts’ an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), utilizing its knowledge and experience to improve the performance of this NGO. Depending on the needs of the NGO, this may involve providing help in designing a website, developing an effective PR policy, establishing a sound (financial) administration, writing job descriptions and task assignments, organizing an effective fund raising campaign, et cetera. We have managed to interest several Craiova based companies and are now seeking to match these companies with suitable NGOs.

Reintegration Project WorkFirst in Oltenia Province

In the WorkFirst project we and our partner FITS Job Konzepte Ltd. work to reduce youth unemployment in Oltenia Province, whose capital is Craiova. WorkFirst coaches young people to secure a job thus helping to combat the intolerance, discrimination and prejudice that prevent young people from vulnerable groups in Oltenia to develop. In the vision of Workfirst, people will (re)build their self-esteem, dignity and individuality sooner when they work. By now, WorkFirst has helped three thousand young people in Oltenia and two other regions find jobs. At least as important is the ultimate goal of building an organization with sufficient experience and expertise, capable of providing commercial reintegration services as well. We use the innovative Valder-Mehalev method which has proven highly successful in The Netherlands, Germany and Israel. The method is particularly suitable for communities undergoing drastic developmental processes, while also offering customized solutions for individuals. While helping to emancipate these young people, WorkFirst contributes to improving education and, ultimately, creating equal opportunities, sustained economic development, and innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)