The transfer of specific knowledge, business logic and process expertise is a crucial success factor in software development – especially in nearshoring. How do we ensure effective and efficient knowledge creation, storage, sharing and application?

Knowledge creation

We learn by co-operating as a team while solving problems, optimizing processes and developing our skills and know-how by training and education. Recruitment of new talent, often right before they graduate, is done by board-level staff. In this context, functional competencies are valued as much as creativity, accuracy or research talent. Knowledge springs from many sources.

Knowledge storage

Our individual developers are the basis of our successes. Evidently we have powerful online environments such as SharePoint Server, Jira, wikis and forums. Our communication both amongst ourselves and with you is well-structured. However, knowledge is not only stored in systems and structures, but also in minds and hearts. Therefore, we take good care of our people. To us, software development, knowledge management and HRM are indivisible. Our employees benefit not only from comprehensive training and education offerings, but also from four performance evaluation interviews a year, a bonus system, as well as sports facilities, daily hot meals and team building events. Absenteeism and turnover are virtually nil. Interested? Check the vacancies.

Knowledge sharing

We share our knowledge in advanced online environments and processes, but also in personal communication. Every day starts with a plenary meeting. The agenda includes unresolved issues, answers, and presentations of innovations and successful solutions. In addition to these plenary sessions, there are numerous smaller meetings in which team spirit and knowledge exchange reinforce one another.

Knowledge application

Each new software development project benefits from this approach. Each project team comprises the right combination of functional and personal competencies. Each project begins with a Creative Meeting, where we translate ideas and potential solutions into a plan. We systematically expand our knowledge and experience.

NetRom Academy: recruitment and management development

By means of the NetRom Academy we aim to reinforce the continuity in the recruitment of top talents. In close co-operation with the two universities in Craiova, we offer students an opportunity to acquire some project-based practical experience. They have to meet criteria like communication skills, team spirit, mathematical sensibility, common sense and creativity, rather than detailed technical knowledge. Dozens of participants are guided and accompanied by our own software developers. At their turn, the latter develop training, project management, communications and HRM skills. Apart from being a powerful recruitment tool, The NetRom Academy is a great instrument in the on-going process of further developing our learning organisation as the centre of expertise in software development.