John Niesing
ICT manager Buro Scanbrit
Our customers choose premium holidays. We choose premium software.
Buro Scanbrit has been named the best tour operator for Northwest Europe for many years now. The subsidiary of Stena Line sells complete trips to Scandinavia, Great Britain and Ireland. With the calculation system built by NetRom Software, Buro Scanbrit will shortly compose attractive holiday proposals based on large amounts of parameters. ICT Manager John Niesing tells how the cooperation works.

"Our trademark is the quality of our travels. Our product managers know every destination from their own visits because they make extensive exploration trips. For this reason, we are able to offer our customers the real holiday feeling. That's why we are the market leader. We work a little different than let's say the sunshine holiday market. With us, you can book online as well. But arranging a 22-day tour near the North Cape takes a little more than the average beach holiday: every connection must be correct, accommodations must be available and people should not travel too long. Our holidays may be slightly more expensive, but our target group of largely 40+ tranquility seekers consciously choose this extra quality.

From four systems to one

Over the years, the organization started to use more and more applications. In the nineties, we needed four systems for one trip: one to book ferry tickets, one for the accommodations, one for billing and one for accounting. And I'm not even talking about planning, scheduling and customer relationship management processes. Around the turn of the century, a new system was developed in order to support all these different processes: Kanteff. The implementation implied a number of significant changes and a project manager was required to get things back on track and deploy the system in the organisation. Kanteff is still being used and supported, and it has extensively been adapted to our specific needs.


Some years ago it became clear that we needed a powerful, modern costing system. As I said, we compose holidays on the basis of many different services and products from a large number of suppliers. A number of six or eight accommodations is not exceptional and the providers, like most carriers, offer their products with widely varying conditions, periods and rates. Uniformity is hard to find. Our new system allows us to put all this information in a large pot, check it and process it in such ways that we can present a profitable and attractive offering to our end users.


During our search for a development partner for this new system we came in contact with NetRom Software. There was a click at the first contact, and our positive first impressions were confirmed during a visit to Craiova. In no time the team which works for us made themselves acquainted with the particular method and workflow within our IT department. By choosing this method, the quality of the entire software development process is largely secured in advance. Simultaneously, we enjoy the benefits of agile development.

Ice fishing

On the basis of the same method we have realised two other projects. One is a specific winter campaign site with a clickable map. The user can compose a winter expedition based on a standard trip which he combines with events like a moose safaris and activities like ice fishing. The other project is a radically new process for compiling and publishing the guides for our tours. Instead of the labor-intensive development of content in MS Word and release in pdf, we work significantly more efficiently now by assembling sets of content from a database. The result still is a booklet, but in the future we will add an app which is fully tailored to the needs of the user.


It turns out that NetRom Software delivers great software. Moreover, our team isn´t just performing very well in web technology and database handling, but also in areas like design, interfacing and integration. We work with a project manager who is our contact. While controlling our team, he is as little predominant as possible. Meanwhile, he guarantees that the required ranges of expertise are represented in the team – in the full breadth and depth we need. Quite soon, we told them: since you bring so much knowledge and experience in these specific areas, please think along with us and show us for example how we can improve our specifications. This collaborations results in a lot of value: we are now equal and strategic partners. Our customers choose premium holidays - we choose premium software."

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