Joost Boutkan
Director Call Care
The greatest thing is: they love their profession.
Call Care, once a straightforward call center, focuses on supporting more and more business processes of their client’s organisations via interaction with the end users: from calendar management, scheduling and financial processing to medical records, treatment and training. The employees, clients and end users support their collaboration with software, developed by NetRom Software. Joost Boutkan explains the benefits of nearshoring for Call Care.

“Since its inception in 1993, Call Care is an inbound call center providing accessibility including calendar management. When Eric van der Burg, my brother Martin and I took over the company in 2007, we saw a potential for other revenue models. As from 2008, our initial market became more and more competitive. Quite soon, we decided to develop custom services other companies didn’t offer. We started with calendar management for healthcare practices and with the booking of lessons for golf schools.

Software: key to growth

We commissioned a Dutch software company to develop an online calendar with integrated business rules. It proved very successful. Our clients were very enthusiastic and soon asked for more functionalities, such as patient records and financial processing. For a growing number of health care practices we started to act as a Shared Service Centre. Apart from our telephone services, our clients bought an increasing amount of software subscriptions. The software proved to be a key in our growth strategy.


Meanwhile, we got in touch with the world of golf. It may seem curious, but some situations in golf courses, schools and associations are very similar to situations in a healthcare practice: large peaks in phone traffic, a schedule which is crucial in achieving strategic objectives and a trend towards increasing self service via user friendly web portals. For golf clubs, we developed our new product Club Manager. In the Association module, members keep their scorecards up to date until they qualify for a dexterity pass of the Dutch Golf Federation. In the Flight Planner, we facilitate the optimal occupancy of the golf by applying smart business rules, and through the portal Hello Pro you can book your lessons and get personal counseling. During 2013, we will further develop the training section including instruction movies, video monitoring and personal interaction.


Around 2010, we had to conclude that our second software development partner did not meet our standards any better than the first one. The delivered software simply didn’t live up to what we had agreed and moreover, the company started whining about intellectual property. The collaboration ended soon. Since I had heard positive stories about NetRom Software from several directions, I approached them in 2011. We soon started with a first job. Just like our golf products, the functionality of our health care product James is getting richer and richer. This year, we will deliver a direct connection with the accounting software product Exact Online. We are also working hard on a health care client portal where clients have control over their appointments and their file, and where a part of the treatment can be delivered as well: think of monitoring by means of questionnaires or real time interviews, instructions for exercises, reminders, and online assignments.


At this time, early 2013, twelve people from NetRom Software are working in two teams for our care and golf products. In the course of the year we will reduce the capacity to a stable occupation. While the call center has an organization of about 25 FTE, our team for implementation, support, marketing and sales of software services is hardly 5 FTE. The management team takes care of product management including software development . We are really happy about the cooperation with NetRom Software. They bring a lot of expertise and I get an answer to every question. They are flexible, decisive and they adhere to the schedule. We are in business for a year now and I start to trust my intuition regarding the numbers of hours required for the various activities. They communicate clearly, businesslike and actively.

Going far

Very important: they don’t perform tasks blindly, but they always think with us positive-critically. In many cases, this results in improved specifications. But the greatest thing is: they love their profession. They bring everything they have to a project and whatever it takes, they make it work the way we want. At this point, they really go very far. Frequently, and rightly so, they are proud of their work. That’s why I see a prosperous future for our cooperation.”