John Jansen
Managing Director Dynafix Group
Service delivery for new customers is implemented four times faster

Employing 500 professionals at three sites, the Dynafix Group is the Benelux specialist in service management for personal electronics like cell phones, PDA’s, navigation systems, desktops, notebooks en digital camera’s.

Every year, the company co-ordinates around one million service requests for customers like Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Asus, Toshiba, Apple, Vodafone, Mobistar, The Phone House en T for Telecom. The Dynafix full service approach enables its customers to optimise core business processes in production, import or retail.

ICT: crucial in optimising service delivery

Dynafix offers a wide range of services, varying from repair or replacement to the delivery of new purchases. Dynafix is increasingly in charge of directing the entire chain between producer and end user, supervising and optimising a vast amount of processes. In order to manage all different interactions, agreements and service levels in the best possible way, Dynafix annually invests around 0.75 million euro in innovative ICT solutions. A team of some sixteen developers in the Netherlands closely collaborates with a team of four developers at NetRom Software in Craiova, Romania.

Trucks full of details

John Jansen, managing director of the Dynafix Group: "We literally process and repair trucks full of defect cell phones and other personal electronics. At the same time, we distribute many thousands of both new and repaired devices. In each and every case, there are technical, operational, logistic and financial agreements between our customers and the end users. Our sucess is based on our passion to substantiate those agreements. Ever since the beginning, we have invested heavily in IT support of our processes. The amount of systems and applications has grown along with our organisation. So we have seen different employees work in different systems for different customers, whereas they were all concerned with one end user who needed one single cell phone.

Efficiency and quality: one system

In 2009, we decided to minimise the risks of a potential reduction in efficiency and an increased error sensitivity and invest in new business software. It is composed from over fifty modules and components which are linked by workflow management systems. The new system has so much functionality that it supports the full primary process in the various service and supply chains – without forcing employees to step aside to other IT-environments. With this product, we fully attend to the specific needs of any new customer within three weeks, whereas that used to take three months in the past. Any employee just works with the relevant modules, and custom made software is no longer needed. We are developing this system in collaboration with NetRom Software. Our architect is in charge of the functional specifications. NetRom Software and the Dynafix team actually build the software and develop the interface.

NetRom Software : involved specialists

At this moment, the new system supports some 50% of our processes. Together with NetRom, we keep developing and testing, in order to have our pipeline permanently filled. Whenever appropriate, our NetRom Software project manager comes in to finetune the functionality to our processes. Thanks to the clear agreements and the involvement of our four people at NetRom Software , we are able to develop our new software faster and better. After the final release, we we’ll all have more time to serve more customers in an even better way."