Desiree de Koning
Managing Director Event Ticketing Software Benelux
Nearshoring with NetRom Software leaves us more time for our customers

Event Software Benelux (ESB) offers software solutions to concert halls, theatres and other organisations where events take place. While planning a show or a concert, the software supports all technical, logistics, HRM, facility and financial processes before, during and after the event. Clear management reports enable the users to control these processes and optimise them systematically.

The event management products iTheatre, iConcert and iMuseum are used by employees across all departments and by impresarios and artists who are planning and budgeting their tours. Many concert halls and theatres have integrated the event planning software with ticketing systems, financial software, their corporate website and other media. Connections with social networks and the iPhone are some of the latest developments.

Understanding performance

Managing director Desiree de Koning: “Most crucial in our customer’s processes are all kinds of checklists and detailed schedules. We present them as reports of detailed arrangements, for instance with regards to stage scenery, sound and light. In this way, the most demanding professionals from various disciplines are able to optimise their detailed schedules and divisions of tasks. Of course, financial and management reports are equally vital to the success of our customers. That’s why the software offers detailed information about processes across the organisation: from marketing and resource planning into pricing and negotiations between impresarios and stages. Clarifying your position requires understanding what goes on every week, every day and every performance.


We haven been working for stages, musea and all kinds of cultural institutions since 1994. We have learned how to think just like our customers and we know both their business and their processes. Since we use the NetRom Software development capacity for new versions of our products, we can allocate more resources to adress the needs of our customers and the quality of our development process.

A conductor is the person listed on top of a repertoire

We have ongoing contacts with our customers and we control our product development by listening to their wishes. How it works? The first step is a document in which we write down the core of the new functionality, so what the software shall do. In the second step, our designers add screens and all kinds of explicit process information, like the statement that a conductor is a person who is always listed on top of a repertoire. This new document is sent to NetRom Software. During this stage, possible database changes are prepared as well.

Developing faster and better

In the third step, NetRom Software expands our design document into a development document, which is executed upon our approval. This document is written fast and it provides us with excellent control in the development process. Due to the extra capacity we now focus on the architecture, the design and the testing of the software and the management reports. We have more time to listen to our customers and to help them with support and advice, whereas we improve the quality and the functionality of our products much faster than before.

How NetRom Software makes it click

I am very happy about the collaboration with NetRom Software. We provide them with a lot of detailed information about the processes of our customers, because we need our co-operation to be bright and clear. From the outset in 2006, there was this click and and we keep making sure that it stays that way. The NetRom Software people communicate brightly and clearly, they are friendly, enthusiastic, flexible and reliable. They exert every effort and are technically very, very strong on tops. The respect and the involvement are fully mutual, and that’s exactly the way we like to work. Especially in the future, when we will focus more and more on the international market.”