Paul ten Haaf
Fleet Complete
I recognize the passion

Fleet Complete delivers smart solutions that help organizations optimize business processes around their field services. The success of these improvements is based on the registration of unambiguous facts, crystal clear reporting and smart integration with other enterprise systems. In 2008, Fleet Complete started its collaboration with NetRom Software. Paul ten Haaf shares his experiences and expectations.

"During our first years, in a sense we were a trading company, offering combinations of purchased software and other products. By 2007, the available software products no longer met our requirements. Our users don’t want complicated systems demanding lots of attention and effort, but easily manageable solutions that will help them quickly achieve tangible results.

Goodbye mileage registration

For instance: I don’t want a car being used privately and I don’t want to spend time monitoring and interpreting data either. Our tools not only accurately detect when the problem occurs, but also report it directly to the person who has to solve it. In short, the customer sets a target, for example, cost savings or improved customer satisfaction. We offer the easiest and quickest way to achieve that goal.

Hello smooth steering

In almost all cases, it’s all about the assessment of real-time data based on a set of explicit norms. It's not just mileage but also travel times, driving styles, project hours, round-trip distances, and fuel utilization. By integrating our tools with project or payroll software, CRM or back office systems, any organization is capable to manage processes accurately and proactively.


Today, these concepts still help us maintain the advantage we have built with the Field Desk product family since 2008. It all started with a functional and later a technical design created by our head of development, Tim Spijkerman. Based on this design, we interviewed a good number of potential development partners at home and abroad. Our demands? Speed, quality and flexibility.


Initially, NetRom Software caught our attention by the presence of the Dutch management in Romania. Quite soon, our feeling told us that this might work. In no time, they managed to subject our design to tough questions and deliver a working product. For us, this was the signal that we had found the partner we had been looking for. Of course, it helped that the university of Craiova is located just around the corner and that the NetRom developers are highly qualified indeed. They don’t just build what we ask them to. If necessary, they think through all relevant questions regarding the product and the process. Within a few weeks, NetRom Software composed a dedicated team for our company. We have one single project manager who knows everything and who is responsible for the communications between our own developers and those in Craiova. That usually works fine.


At one point however, the cooperation was so very successful that we had to ask ourselves whether we wouldn’t become too dependent on the NetRom Software expertise. In 2010, just asking that question brought us to a reduction of the commitment. This strategic choice was a wise decision, not in the least because we always can rely on our specialists in Craiova whenever we see a peak in our need for flexible capacity. So from both sides we make movements in this productive tension between flexibility and quality. Quality simply requires solid relationships. Han and Mircea see this very well and they keep investing substantially in the NetRom Software team that works for us. They know that we want to be less dependent, but they also know that we will keep relying on them in such a frequency that a mutual value will be created effectively.


A very strong point of NetRom Software is that they recognize the necessity of delivering the highest quality as well as being completely transparant in this respect. Especially in the communications with our markets, these aspects are absolutely crucial. Our quest for an objective assessment led us to the Dutch Software Improvement Group (SIG) and to TÜV in Germany, the Technische ÜberwachungsVerein. This is one of the largest certifiers worldwide. Its TÜViT certification shows an important aspect of software quality assessment: the maintainability, defined by the international standard ISO / IEC 9126. SIG evaluated the product made by NetRom Software as positive, and TÜViT has certified it with the quality mark TÜViT Trusted Product Maintainability. Once more, this whole process showed us a vital aspect of the NetRom Software mentality: they are passionate about transforming good ideas into perfect products. This passion is clearly recognizable to me personally, but I don’t run into it very often. Once more, my trust in our cooperation has been confirmed."