Marcus Wright
Technology Director for Web, GMG Color
This expertise enables us to increase our lead.

GMG Color is a leading developer and supplier of high end color management software solutions. In 2012, the company decided to develop its cloud strategy through a partnership with NetRom Software. Technology Director for Web Marcus Wright explains why he believes the collaboration is here to stay.

"We offer a wide range of color management, proofing and quality control solutions for the graphic arts industry. Regardless of printing methods and substrates, you only ever have one result – the same color. Our solutions allow every customer to configure and calibrate different output devices, without indepth knowledge of color management. In this industry with its massive volumes and large costs, mistakes are very expensive. Reliability and repeatability in color accuracy are highly valued.

Innovation makes the difference

We distinguish ourselves by our forward thinking innovation. Integrating soft proof (on screen proofing) and hard proof (paper based proofing) solutions is a typical example. Our next step is to migrate some of our products to the cloud and to extend others with extra services, some of which will be migrated to the cloud as well. Bringing our solutions to the cloud is a real game changer. Moving away from traditional lan based systems and conventional web hosting reduces complexity, administrative overhead and time-to-market, to mention just a few of the many advantages.


When we selected Amazon as cloud provider, we realized that we would need specific expertise to develop and optimize applications for this platform. We knew NetRom Software because Aurelon, one of our subsidiaries, has been working with them for over 10 years. We acquired Aurelon in 2011 because they offer leading technology for processing digital information for any media requiring accurate graphic production and output - especially large-format printing. The long history of Aurelon and NetRom Software is a success story to be continued in its own right. We thought it would make sense to start these new projects with NetRom Software as well and find out if it would work similarly.


We started with the development of a common platform and three modules for collaboration, color management and delivery, followed by projects focusing on authentication and profiling solutions. Our expectations were high, but NetRom Software manages to meet them. Their team is extremely professional. They provide brilliant solutions in highly complex situations and they respond extremely quickly to any questions asked. We get together by Skype regularly to go through our various projects. Whenever our team requires additional expertise, for instance in the domain of web development, it is instantly provided by the NetRom organisation.

Strategic choice

We use a variety of different technologies to deliver our solutions, including HTML5, so we had to choose a partner who could deliver cutting edge solutions. For us, innovation is a strategic choice. The expertise of NetRom Software enables us to increase our lead. Given the results, we intend to keep doing that."