Feike Molema
Managing Director H&S Logistic Services
This collaboration is valuable - now and in the long run

The three hundred drivers of H&S Group are specialised in transporting liquid food throughout Europe. H&S Logistic Services is the business unit which converts sixty years of accumulated expertise into innovative solutions for a wide range of clients – both within and outside this niche market. Director Feike Molema explains how NetRom Software developed a portal which enables the supply chain partners to collaborate transparently and efficiently.

"We support organizations with solutions in logistics and supply chain management. In addition to directing physical transport, we support clients in administrative processes and information management. We offer all kinds of practical solutions, ranging from climate-controlled storage to blending smoothies that are subsequently shipped to their destinations in closely agreed volumes.

Beyond food

Unlike the H & S group, we are no longer exclusively active in the food markets. Besides all kinds of animal feed, we are used to deal with dry and liquid non-food products such as fatty acids. Whether it's bulk, container or pallet cargo, refrigerated, frozen or ambient: we provide a solution on the road, by rail or (ocean) vessel. We also invest heavily in new concepts and innovative services. All this is reflected in the systematic growth we realize in cooperation with our partners.

Freight Management System

A good example of such a new concept is our Freight Management System: FMS. The combination of expertise in the logistics process and innovative IT support results in an enormous amount of comfort, control and flexibility for our clients and carriers. FMS consists primarily of a portal for a closed community: it is a trade exchange for some hundred and fifty carriers and our clients, who are offering contracts for loads. FMS supports a match based on mutual ratings in the logistics triangle, based on the scores along the three axes capacity, price and quality. Carriers get rated based on their past performance, reported using the same FMS. Loads also get ratings, which are based on the specifications of the client. FMS enables a match between cargo and carrier which is based upon crystal clear business rules. Once an order is established, FMS produces a loading schedule and a workflow in which the carrier enters real-time data throughout transportation. On this basis, FMS generates the necessary benchmarks and other reports.


In 2009 we knew that we wanted. But since I have an ICT background, I knew that we would need a strong development partner. After my experiences in an Indian offshore project during a previous job, I understood the importance of the match between the two corporate cultures. After some research I met NetRom Software. From the beginning, our relationship has been good, professional and pleasant. We have both invested a lot of effort in the partnership, but it definitively brings us what we hoped for. Three people of NetRom Software have been developing FMS for a year. Since early 2011 our people are using it every day and they are really satisfied with it. The system is gradually being extended with new functionality and we are now exploring the options of developing other products with the support of NetRom Software.


Not only do we know all there is to know about logistics. We also know how to support our customers in the best possible way. NetRom Software is offering us exactly this combination of skills and expertise in software development. The developers of NetRom Software are proactive, learn fast, they know how we think and they deliver well-crafted products. In addition, they support us with a clear, transparent process, good tools for project management and incident management and our own, strongly committed project manager. It’s always good to know that Dutch management is present on-site. NetRom Software is supporting us with ICT solutions in the very same way we support our clients with logistics solutions. This cooperation is valuable – now and in the long run."