Frank Stege
CEO Infoland
They really help you further. Just as we do ourselves.

Infoland supports organizations in optimizing improvement processes and offers them expertise, software and a community. The modular software is fully re-developed in close collaboration with NetRom Software. CEO Frank Stege elaborates on the effects of this choice.

"Our 70 employees provide software and specialized services to organizations with the ambition to improve themselves. The software suite iProva supports the improvement process in the broadest sense: from risk and process management to audits, tasks, compliance and a portal for overview and reporting purposes. In 2007, the product was completely rebuilt in order to enable collaboration via the web. Ever since, we have continued to systematically improve the software in functional and technical ways, together with our users. One of the strengths of iProva is its comprehensiveness. Our competitors may be bigger in document management or risk management, but no one beats us in the tight integration of the functional richness for the support of improvement processes.


Around 2012, it became clear that we had to re-develop iProva as a whole once more, to make it truly future-proof: responsive, so that users can use it on a variety of devices, cross-browser and cross-platform, but also more stable, faster, more modern and more user-friendly. The results of our sustained usability research are incorporated systematically in the product. An example? Nursing staff enter data on the one hand, but on the other hand they are constantly called away. We have no doubt that when a nurse who is in the middle of some data input has to see a patient, a colleague will appear and quickly open another window. Nevertheless, the first nurse will be able to continue when she gets back, without the need to enter data anew.

Software outsourcing

Rebuilding the software based on HTML5 and the .NET framework would cost us at least three years, with a series of innovations stagnant in the bargain. Therefore, we started looking for a software outsourcing partner. Apart from specialist capability, we wanted flexibility. We need to be able to respond to opportunities and developments like the explosive growth in demand for mobile apps - without having to invest in developing that expertise within our organisation.


My previous experiences with software outsourcing in India and Romania were not very positive. As NetRom Software turned out to be a Dutch company, our interest was quickly aroused. After a few inspiring meetings and the first, clearly defined test project, I went to Craiova with two colleagues. We wanted to get to know people, discuss our products and processes, explore the atmosphere and literally walk around in the company’s premises. It meant a great deal. We were all impressed by the expertise and the commitment of our NetRom team. From the start, they asked very smart questions and produced comments that helped us directly.

Scalable and agile

We started with a team of three developers. Very soon, they managed to acquire a lot of knowledge of our business logic and showed a high productivity. One of the advantages of the NetRom approach is that it is the project manager who selects new team members and helps them get to grips. In a most natural way we quickly increased our capacity from 3 to 5 and currently 10 developers, most of whom work on the new release of iProva. But there are also one-off projects. For our customer Vilans, NetRom Software and we are developing a portal which is integrated with iProva for the online management and use of 500 protocols for medical treatment in long-term health care. Less disposable, but equally promising is that we are developing native apps in collaboration with our customers, allowing users to perform basic operations and save huge amounts of time. This flexibility makes us more agile, because it allows easy up- and downscaling of our software development capacity.


What I appreciate in NetRom Software first and foremost is their expertise. They use their specialized knowledge and experience to contribute ideas and to counteract when appropriate. That is very valuable. Second, they know how important it is to communicate clearly and show a strong effort to do so. We have very frequent video calls and they have invested a lot in the quality of their English and the quality of the video connections. Thirdly, NetRom Software know very well how important it is to pamper clients and to really fully satisfy them. Like us, they really want to help the customer. We also go to great lengths to offer our customers full support and transparency, even if it might cost sales in the short term and even if the initial customer request remains unfulfilled at first sight. As a supplier, or rather as a partner, NetRom Software is committed to sustainable mutual added value. We recognize it and appreciate it.""