Wim van Lemmen
Chief Operational Officer Isah Business Software
This collaboration accelerates our innovations.

Isah Business Software globally supports companies in the manufacturing industry by increasing the quality and efficiency of their processes. The company offers one single product which consists of nearly one hundred modules. In 2010 the organisation decided to technically convert its product from the Delphi development environment and Sybase database technology to . Net technology and MS SQL Server. NetRom Software was in charge of the database migrations. Chief Operational Officer Wim van Lemmen tells how the cooperation works.

"Our software supports commercial and development processes as well as logistics, production and administrative processes in the manufacturing industry. We work in businesses like the maritime and offshore industry, construction subcontracting in the broadest sense, steel, machinery and equipment building, the metal industry and all their suppliers. In these worlds, software upgrades or migrations cannot interfere with business processes. The smallest obstacle in any process may have a huge and direct impact on the business as a whole. Therefore, our entire organization is designed for maximum stability of the software, flawless support and ultimately an extremely high customer satisfaction. Although we have partners worldwide who are responsible for sales and implementation of our software, the support is provided by ourselves. In our strategy, the relationship with users is crucial. That’s why we support the manufacturing industry with Manufacturing Industry Topics, a localized blog where the industry exchanges expertise, ideas and experiences.

The need for a partner

In the course of 2010, we opted for a new development platform and another database: the .Net framework and SQL Server. We want our twenty developers to continue to focus on innovation, on the functional and technical improvements of our product. That's why we started the search for a suitable partner to help us migrate the databases. On average some 85 to 90% of the databases is identical for all customers , but 10 to 15% consists of difference in tables and fields. This makes the migration to SQL Server a painstaking and laborious process. Consider specific reports, stored procedures, and so on. After less positive experiences with a Czech company we were extra careful and rather critical. But right from the first contacts, NetRom Software made a positive impression.

Cultural match

To begin with: our corporate cultures are quite similar. Long-term relationships with clients and partners are key. Quality and innovation are core values, by both organizations translated into strict standards for processes and products. Also decisive for our choice were the expertise of the team and the presence of the Dutch management in Romania. By now, NetRom Software has completed successful migration projects for dozens of clients. After thorough testing, the client organisation is usually transferred between Friday evening and Monday morning. In almost all cases they can easily pick up where they left off for the weekend. That's what our customers expect and that's what we will continue to provide.

Accelerated innovation

Our cooperation with NetRom Software is fully satisfactory. Both teams communicate clearly and well-structured. We provide each other with what we need and we work on the basis of clear agreements. This accelerates our innovations. Who knows: there may be some future opportunity for a new form of collaboration."