Mike Horsten
General Manager Marketing Mimaki EMEA
Efficiency is crucial. NetRom Software knows what that means.

The Japanese company Mimaki is a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and an arsenal associated products like cutting machines, inks and software. Mimaki is a global player in three markets: Sign & Graphics, Industrial and Textile & Apparel. We built the web site and a ROI app for Netherlands-based Mimaki Europe BV. Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA, gives his impression of this cooperation.

"Mimaki Europe is responsible for sales, marketing, logistics, management and support in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We have warehouses in Roterdam and Diemen and work with an extensive network of distributors and dealers. Since the end of 2011, I am responsible for the marketing in EMEA. Our team consists of five people. Therefore, efficiency and quality in marketing and communication is crucial. One of my first decisions was the renewal of our site. One of our valued partners within the industry informed about their successful collaboration with NetRom Software. I have some technical knowledge itself and soon after we met, it was clear to me that this organization had the know-how to provide us with the services we needed.

Website: continuous development

A few months after we started, we went live with a new web site built in WordPress. The site is rich in content and functionality and we continue its development on a permanent basis. Our communication is largely via Jira Issue Tracker, and therefore phone calls are hardly required. Ever since the go live of our site, sales of Mimaki EMEA has doubled. The power of Mimaki is quality and innovation. Our printing solutions define global standards for reliability, speed and flexibility. But our biggest challenge is to achieve our potential clients.

ROI app

Partly for this reason, we have asked NetRom Software to develop the Mimaki Return On Investment-app. Using this app, existing Mimaki customers as well as prospects can manipulate a large number of variables in order to find out which solution will result in the fastest recoupment of the investment. The market responds very enthusiastically, whereas data analysis allows us to identify opportunities and present the right offer at the right time.

Integrating perspectives

Developing this app required both .php knowledge and iOS expertise. More complicated was the question how to face the interests and perspectives of both the end users and ourselves, without ending in a meaningless compromise. NetRom Software first demonstrated the ability to think from different perspectives and then showed the skills to integrate these. That wasn’t easy, but together we managed to produce a very successful app that allows us to listen carefully to market needs and anticipate appropriately. Thanks to our online presence, I expect that Mimaki Europe will continue its growth. Mimaki USA is currently in talks with NetRom Software about the possibilities of future cooperation."