Bas van Beek
Software Development Manager NAR
Each working visit results in valuable ideas.

Working equals to taking risks. Risk management is finding and keeping the balance between taking risks and managing risks. The Nederlands Adviesbureau Risicomanagement NAR (Dutch Risk Consultancy) supports organizations in it. In addition to software, NAR offers advice, training and coaching. Since 2012, NAR partially outsources the software development process to NetRom Software. Software development manager Bas van Beek explains how the cooperation evolves.

"NARIS, the NAR Intelligence System, is the most popular risk management software in the Netherlands. Directors, management, finance, control, QA and project teams collaborate in NARIS, allowing an MT to act fast and accurately on the basis of integrated risk analyzes. An example could be the allocation of senior staff to the most risky contracts or projects. As a result, the quality is increased and the cost of risk management is decreased - provided that the organization has its risk management process properly under control and hence is able and willing to constantly improve itself.

Fixed Price Fixed Date

NetRom Software and we started our collaboration with a pilot project on the basis of Fixed Price Fixed Date. We were looking for a partner for structural cooperation, but we first wanted to see how they dealt with crucial aspects like cost estimation and meeting a deadline. The first assignment had a clearly delimited scope. From the beginning, we were enthusiastic about both the pleasant way of working and the results. Ever since, we have been co-operating on the basis of Time and Material.

Dealing with risks

NARIS consists of a series of integrated modules which we constantly expand and improve. The core, risk management, supports the identification and definition of risks as well as the scaling of these risks based on their probability and consequences. As a result, risks can be compared despite their diversity. Partly based on simulation, analyzes of risks arise which can be articulated in financial and many other terms. By applying accounting rules, an organization subsequently is able to take financial and other risk management measures and to report on it. Following systematics like these, local authorities are being held accountable by the national government. To us, they are an important target group. More generally, this approach enables organizations to show their stakeholders how they deal with risks. Other markets in which we are active are social housing associations, healthcare, education and all private organizations who see risk management as part of business operations.


A series of other modules supports processes that are closely connected to risk management: Insurance, Incidents, Contracts, Compliance, Audit and the Self Assessment Module, which allows you to survey a partner organization. The responses are automatically processed and reported directly into a risk profile, which in the case of municipalities and so-called related parties is drafted on the basis of a legally required format, the so-called resistance section. The module thus enables municipalities to operate in accordance with government requirements.

Knowing each other

Our NetRom Software team has grown to 3 php developers, who work alternately on different modules. We are very satisfied with them: they know their trade, they are fluent in English and they have a great work attitude. Ever since my first visit to Craiova, we got to know each other better and better. The minute they see a reason, they ask questions about the exact meaning of our specifications, very often accompanied by fruitful ideas and suggestions.


Since our cooperation from two locations is so successful, we really work as one team with an integrated code base. Through pull requests in Stash, we review the code written in Craiova, after which it is immediately entered into the repository and the testing process. The people of NetRom Software actually are an integral part of our development process. Of course, in addition to the automated processes, we have a weekly conference call to discuss matters and set priorities.


I try to go once every quarter to Romania. I don’t always succeed to do so, but each working visit results in valuable encounters and ideas. Thanks to the additional specialists of NetRom Software, we innovate faster. Partly because of this, we can increasingly allocate our resources to customers in new market segments and other countries."