Max Leser
Managing director
It couldn't be better

Paper Mill Products specializes in the conceiving, design, manufacturing and marketing of postcards and souvenirs such as calendars, keychains, crockery, T-shirts and jewelry. The approximately 70 employees work 24/7 in 11 countries. Since 2005, we have been building, renovating and maintaining the system that supports this collaboration. Managing director Max Leser explains why he works with us.

"Our employees use many mobile devices, both in production, storage, sales and logistics. By 2004, these were the well-known Psion handheld computers. We wanted to replace MS-DOS for Windows software, but that was easier said than done. We had 4 different software houses as suppliers, including highly reputed ones, who all promised the golden mountains. Most of them failed to deliver what we specified, others seemed to need endless hours for it.

Do what you say

Through joint relationships, I came into contact with Han in 't Veld and Mircea Negrilă in 2005. When we met in Craiova, Mircea appeared to be the first software developer to answer my questions professionally and realistically. For example, he understood that a clear layout without fuss is crucial, just like a clear workflow without endlessly clicking. That was already a nice feeling. When his team then managed to translate this into working software within budget and schedule, I knew we had finally found a long-term partner.


Software developers usually speak a language that I don’t want to learn at all. In Craiova, all the necessary knowledge is directly available, but in calls and meetings they are extremely practical and strongly focused on the needs of our non-everyday organization. We design and produce many of our paper items ourselves, whereas we buy products like bracelets ready-made. In addition, we are constantly working together from different parts of the world.

Quick and accure control

In addition to the clear-cut workflows for local processes, the system provides crystal-clear reports that allow us to control vital processes across the organization. For example, we have hundreds of lines of postcards, and such a line consists of 500 articles. Due to the significant volumes, it’s important that we control supply chain management processes quickly and accurately. We are constantly monitoring what articles are required at what locations, and we do what’s needed to have the supplies available just in time.

Never worry

For me, IT used to be a jungle crowded with people loudly trumpeting their superiority, without the skills or even the intention to handle the actual needs of a client. NetRom Software is the opposite. They have amply proven their know-how, expertise and reliability - without claptrap and without disproportianate declarations. They know our system over and over. In the very rare case that a machine has a problem, they have access and solve the problem immediately. I visit Romania about every two years, while the software is systematically improved and expanded. It couldn’t be better, actually: I never worry."

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