Felix Korthals
Managing Director Pincash
The focus on our core business increases the added value

Pincash has evolved from a provider of intelligent chip card systems to a full-service software provider, supporting organizations by optimizing processes in their interaction with end users. Deploying state of the art software, Pincash supports many different processes, varying from accounts receivable through loyalty programs. The software development process is outsourced to NetRom Software. Managing Director Felix Korthals gives his views on the benefits, the different roles and the results of this co-operation.

"When we started back in 1992, the chip card was primarily known as a phone card, to be used in phone boots. Although it was used at trade shows, events and parking lots, any multifunctional smart card applications was merely non-existent. Aiming at continuity among larger groups of users, we focused on the educational market. It was our ambition to develop the ordinary library card to a generic student ID with enriched functionality. This new concept proved very succesful. Our National Education Card (Nationale Onderwijspas) now supports a variety of administrative processes such as identification, payment and managing access to physical and digital environments. Additionally, there are extensive registration possibilities regarding the loans of books, but also absence and presence, copying and printing, and so on.

Integration of systems and processes

Being both a manufacturer and a supplier, we are used to integrate systems and to collaborate with diverse stakeholders. Therefore, we work in corporate business as well as in education. We offer commercial organisations in-depth knowledge in areas such as loyalty programs, credit facilities and accounts receivable management. In particular, the integration of these and many other processes across different subsidiary companies can bring much value to a business group as a whole. In this respect, our experience in online interaction quite often opens beautiful perspectives.

Competitive advantage

First of all, we provide efficiency. Think of the centralization of credit management, for example, which may mean that a debtor is no longer monitored from six subsidiary companies. Secondly, the end user gets better service by means of personal customization, which in practice often leads to higher customer satisfaction. But the main course is that business units are enabled to support and strengthen each other, so that our customers see their investments effectively rewarded with lower costs, improved processes and ultimately more revenue per customer. That's the competitive advantage our customers want to realise.

Make, buy or ally?

Sometime around 2011 we wondered whether in the long run we would have sufficient capacity for the systematical development of software for the ever growing number of projects which, in addition, rapidly became larger and more complex. After having determined which tasks we would be ready to outsource and what we would definitively keep doing ourselves, we decided to look around for potential partners. In the initial talks with NetRom Software, we liked the friendliness and clarity as well as the presence of Dutch management on site in Romania and the corresponding working hours. The initial positive expectations are fully realized: Team NetRom consistently delivers what it promises. They combine craftsmanship with vigor and provide the value needed for a sustainable partnership.

The added value of core business

As a result, we are increasingly focusing on working with our clients. Since we outsource many development tasks to NetRom Software, we can invest more time in the understanding and mapping of customer requirements. We are committed to the functional and technical design, limiting ourselves to the planning and supervising of the actual development process by NetRom Software. We focus more on our core business: cooperation with customers, design, interfacing, deployment, support and most important: building in-depth industry and process expertise. These are the areas where we actually deliver value. Due to the demand of our clients and the expertise of NetRom Software, we have developed ourselves into what we really want to be: a full- service software company with promising prospects. In that bright future, we will offer NetRom Software a substantial role."