Quintijn Knepper
Operational Director Reflex Systems
High quality, even under pressure of time: in this market, it really matters.

Reflex Systems automates business processes in the food industry. Over a period of 25 years, Reflex 3000 has become a very comprehensive ERP suite with an extensive functional richness, which is being used by 700+ food companies across Europe. Reflex Blue is the second ERP package of Reflex Systems. It has a completely revised architecture and its development is based on modern technologies. In the development process, Reflex Systems works together with NetRom Software. Operational Director Quintijn Knepper shares his experiences and expectations.

"Our product Reflex 3000 is a great example of a standard product which has been developed for many years in close consultation with the industry in all its facets: Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Wholesale, Potatoes/Vegetables/Fruits, Bakery, et cetera. More than 80 modules are being used by both small and large companies, from fish processors and restaurants to dairy and catering & hospitality wholesale. Typical of the knowledge intensity of the industry is the compliance with the increasingly complex national and European legislation. Think of the traceability of meat or the information requirements for product wrappers.


Our 50 employees have in-depth knowledge of both the market and the business logic in its many sub-processes by sector. Whether it is purchasing and managing supplies, recipes and allergens, production, processing and order picking or forecast, track & trace, labeling and generating delivery notes, reports, invoices and journal entries to the general ledger: it’s all supported quickly and effectively, including adjustable controls. The integration with label printers, barcode scanners, thermometers and equipment for chip and voice recognition is a standard component of our service.

Reflex Blue

In order to render our service offering truly future-proof, it was decided to translate the present and future market demands into a product with a completely new architecture, based on the technology of the future. In addition, we took full advantage of the opportunity to rethink fundamental components like supply chain management, purchasing, sales and price calculation at a basic level, together with our users. We are working on the basis of a clear roadmap with input from our users, consultants and account managers. As a result, our second ERP suite, Reflex Blue, meets the highest standards in the areas of stability, performance, security and scalability. Just before my arrival in 2014, a team of 5 people in the Netherlands and 5 at NetRom Software in Romania started development. On Monday, October 3rd, 2016, the first customer went live. We expect Reflex 3000 and Reflex Blue to coexist for a couple of years. In the foreseeable future, the functionality of Reflex Blue will become richer and richer. One day, it will have grown into the logical preference for the majority of our users.

Quality and time constraints

We work with NetRom Software because of two major advantages: the flexible availability of good developers and the presence of Dutch management in Romania. We can scale up and down our capacity very fast. Because they follow the principle last in, first out, we are sure that the transferred industry and process knowledge is maintained at its maximum. We are satisfied with the level of the developers and with an average score of 200 story points per sprint, the same goes for their productivity. We work together very pleasurably, both in the management and the day-to-day duties of the development process. For us, software development is our core business. Because we have recently appointed several internal .NET developers in the Netherlands, we will now reduce the team in Romania from 5 to 2 ftes. Nevertheless, we keep investing in a good and sustainable cooperation from both sides. Not only to to ensure readily available development capacity of a good level in unforeseen circumstances. We also take into account that at some point in time, the pressure on the development of Reflex Blue may increase. NetRom Software has proven that they can deliver the right quality under pressure of time. In this market, that’s something that really matters. I’ll be happy to involve them in our plans for the future."