Theo de Vries
General Manager
We provide the vision and the basics. NetRom the code and the quality.

UNET offers business connectivity solutions through practically all the network providers that are active in the Netherlands and through its own fiber optic network of over 20,000 kilometers. In addition, customers can add optional services like VoIP, PIN over IP, Alarm over IP and VPN. NetRom Software is the software development partner in the expansion and maintenance of Emma, the system bringing together all parties in this business model. General manager Theo de Vries and Lead developer and architect Jeroen van der Laan give their views on the cooperation with NetRom.

Theo de Vries: "The average entrepreneur doesn’t want to hear anything about ethernet or protocols, all he wants is the same good IT facilities in each and every location. In a way, it’s a bit like Uber. They don’t actually own one single cab, but they are focused entirely on a beautiful interface for mobility behind which all complexity is hidden. We offer simple, attractive solutions as well, not annoying our customers with technical details or the obligation to settle for one single network. UNET is progressively transforming itself into a software-enabled service provider.


We automate complex delivery chains in order to ensure that customers and partners are being served without the manual intervention of any individual. This allows us to grow fast without the proportional increase in cost. If an organization wants a phone for a new employee, or a new office with three workstations, it’s taken care of with a few clicks. Our software is in charge of handling all underlying complex choices. If a customer wants advice, we are happy to share our expertise. We are not focused on exploiting network assets, but on providing out customers with simplicity and convenience.

Changing customer needs

Unlike a KPN or any other major provider, we don’t design our processes and our software as the bulk that everyone must fit into. Thanks to our software, we are able to distinguish ourselves in flexibility, customized services and a short time to market. We invested a lot in this software and we will continue to do so. It has brought us an advantage that we see as crucial, because we expect that the surviving telecom networks will be able to adapt themselves ever faster and better to changing customer needs."

Fast, good and solid

Lead developer and architect Jeroen van der Laan: "Some of our direct customers tend to send an RFP with an elaborate set of IT requirements, but more and more customers really don’t want to make themselves familiar with all that. Thanks to our software, they don’t have to. Our system Emma supports the collaboration of varying groups of relationships because the architecture is well thought through. In its continuous improvements and expansions, we like to work with NetRom Software. If for example, we develop a new service, NetRom Software builds the associated expansions well and fast. Afterwards, the Quality Assurance team in Craiova takes care of testing the new system, based on a set of clear requirements and criteria. Like the building, the testing is done solidly and efficiently."

Matching practices

Theo de Vries continues: "NetRom Software is very strong in the many-sidedness of their development expertise. They are leading experts in all new technologies and new platforms, and most certainly in mobile development. Besides their expertise, their speed and their flexibility are crucial in the proper match with our vision and strategy. We don’t write bulky specifications, we want to gear up fast. With NetRom Software, we can. For many software outsourcing companies, that’s not the most natural thing to do.

Broad expertise

In our vision, fixed and mobile telephony will be fully intertwined in the foreseeable future. Everything containing technology or transferable data, will eventually be connected via fiber. Even mobile applications. This development has tremendous impact on our company, both in our business and our operations. That’s why we started thinking about the radical renewal of our basic architecture. In order to live up to our vision and translate it into new network solutions, I expect that we will keep relying on the broad development expertise of NetRom Software. Thus we want to outperform the competition and continue our strong growth in the telecom market. We provide the vision and the basics. NetRom the code and the quality."