With the development expertise of NetRom Software, Ziggo can respond quickly to new market demands.

Apart from from TV and Internet access, Ziggo provides Dutch businesses with VoIP, mobile telephony and many other services. The cooperation with many hundreds of integration partners is supported by extensive online functionality, co-developed by us. What does the cooperation look like?

The needs of end users are constantly changing. They may want to port phone numbers, adjust their internet speed or order new a service, like a landline or mobile plan for a new employee. The rapid and accurate processing of these requests requires flawless interaction - between the partners and their end users as well as between Ziggo and these partners.

Partner portal

The entire process around ordering and changing services including the interaction around it is supported by a comprehensive portal for the business partners of Ziggo. This portal is connected with internal and external systems supporting financial, operational and other processes around these services. NetRom Software was in charge of building large segments and after its deployment, the team has been systematically developing new functionality to support the processing of orders and changes of an ever increasing number of services. This requires close co-operation, among others with product managers who develop new products like unlimited calling, integrated landline and mobile telephony or broadband access. The basic idea is that operational support is completely automated and that activities like manually typing of known data into another system are systematically eradicated. This prevents errors, delays and extra dependencies. As a result, porting a number doesn’t require any single action by a Ziggo employee. The process is handled by the partners in the portal and concluded fully automatically.

End user's convenience

An example of a new product is a VPBX: a Virtual Private Branch Exchange. This functionality, already available to partners through more technical platforms, was re-developed as a self-service module for end users. It’s no longer the partner who controls under which conditions phone number X of employee Y is diverted to number Z. It’s the end user himself who manages the accessibility of his people in two simple drag and drop screens. Of course, these screens are integrated with the underlying systems at the back end. The end users are very satisfied with the ease, speed and accurate control of their cooperation.

Migrating to innovate more

Another major project involves the regular updates of the underlying platforms. All improvements and extensions of these platforms are released in new versions. For example: the Access Manager is an application who talks to the telephony platform. There are many other applications exchanging data in similar ways. Each of these applications must be prepared for the migration to the new version of the platform. Sometimes it's not just about functional changes, but also about changes in connectivity. Security precautions when replacing a server platform with a server in another data center can be very drastic. Thorough testing is crucial here. Therefore, a solution has been created that allows an application to link either the old or the new version of the platform. Hence the migration process is perfectly controlled and completed with a mouse click. Now as well as in future migrations. In addition to the developers, a dedicated tester of NetRom Software is working on this project.

Flexible expertise

NetRom Software isn't just a provider of technological expertise. Equally important is that NetRom Software quickly understands complex processes. The NetRom Software team has in-depth knowledge of the business logic and is well attuned to the Ziggo Business needs. Because the entire NetRom Software organization is fully tuned to the fast upscaling and downscaling of specialist development capacity, its delivery reliability is very high. With the development expertise of NetRom Software, Ziggo can respond quickly to new market demands.

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