Bringing together the experience of hundreds of developers and actively managing the sharing of expertise generates a centre of excellence that can handle almost any task. It’s been the way we work since we started in 1998. Independently from the programming languages, frameworks or methodologies we use, our approach is based on clarity and transparency. We are aiming at the rapid and effective integration of our development team into your organization.

Flexible and structured

Our service levels are so high because we spend a lot of effort on the configuration and optimization of the development process. We help you maintain a complete overview of all relevant aspects of each software development project. Geographic distance is not a factor. Transparency, control and flexibility for all professionals involved are assured during the entire process. The frequencies and the levels of overview and control are determined by you and the software development and quality assurance policies of your organisation.

Software development is co-operation

Along with optimal tooling, personal contact is the most important and the most efficient form of information exchange. Rumania is near: a few travel hours bring you on site. Focusing completely on your needs, our software developers have the process expertise required to ensure a quick turnaround.