Most of our 300 developers are young, talented IT and mathematics graduates from the two universities in Craiova. The collaboration between NetRom Software and these universities started many years ago: We regularly serve as guest lecturers, teaching staff support us in the selection process, and the best students do their internships in our company, completing projects under our supervision as part of their graduation program. Out of the about 250 IT and mathematics graduates that the two universities produce every year, on average one or two join our development team every month.

Han in 't Veld netrom
Han in 't Veld
Managing Director
Mircea Negrila
Mircea Negrilă
Technical Director

The NetRom Operational Management Team

NetRom Software Operational Management Team. From left to right:
Cătălin Ciuteanu, Gabriel Păunică, Dan Damian, Cătălin Tătaru,
Cornel Pîrvu, Pompiliu Ştefana en Mihai Zahorski

Sandra Coster
Sandra Coster
Anneke van der Putten
Anneke van der Putten
otto Held Netrom
Otto Held
Accountmanager DE