Process configuration

During more than 20 years, we have built a lot of expertise, while optimising the nearshore software development process. What do we mean by an optimal development process?

Expertise and transparency

We believe that effective communication is the critical success factor in every software development project. We choose the personal touch: direct communication, crystal clear agreements and full transparency, regardless of programming language, development framework or methodology. Under the obligation of result, a development team is headed by a project manager. This highly qualified technological specialist takes control of the governance and understands the customer's business logic. With his team of software engineers, he takes project responsibility, eliminates risks and ensures that the communication with the customer runs smoothly.

Integration with your team

We focus on the rapid integration of our developers in your organization. As a matter of course, we fine-tune any increase or decrease in development capacity proactively with you. Whether it comes to reporting, project documentation, coding standards or agreements: we offer insight and accountability in the manner and at the frequency your organisation requires. Each and every sub-process is tailored to the optimum in close collaboration with you and in accordance with our strict quality policy. More and more customers see this combination as the basis for a successful and long lasting co-operation.


The communication and reporting structures are taylored exactly to your needs. Whether you want daily, weekly or monthly consultations: we provide the associated reports, we organize the conference calls and generate the minutes, all in strict accordance with agreed actions and decisions. Less formal yet highly efficient consultations may be had via VoIP or chat (Skype, Live Chat, et cetera). In other words: we work with you at the frequency and intensity you indicate. For knowledge management and document management support we use Sharepoint, wiki’s and other systems. In agreement, time recording is done via our system or your own.

Source code management and exchange

Once you have authorized design and planning, our software engineers start building under the direction of the project manager. In strict accordance with the agreements, we regularly check in the code in SVN, CVS, Git, Team Foundation or in one of our other source control systems.

Issue management and project management

Testing starts virtually concurrent to the development work. We use Jira or other tools for the online registering, prioritizing, allocating, monitoring, reporting and auditing of issues. Jira is an advanced environment offering powerful support for online collaborative efforts. Whether it concerns bugs, project tasks, change requests or other issues: we ensure prompt and transparent handling, supported by the most advanced tools.

Software development methods

We continuously attend training and education courses in the latest develop methods. Methods such as Rational Unified Process (RUP), Agile and Scrum each have their advantages. RUP or other cascade methods are effective for e.g. the predictable (additional) development of a product with stable and detailed specifications. Agile methods such as Scrum focus on short development cycles, each generating a specific, and directly usable element. Direct personal communication, reiterative prioritizing, and a powerful team spirit characterize agile methods. We choose for each project the method, or aspects of a method, that will most benefit the project. We do so on the basis of our expertise and always in consultation with the client.

Software development and the click with knowledge

Aside from the chosen framework, method or technology, the quality of the software development process hinges on the quality of the knowledge exchange. This is why we share all knowledge in a secure online project environment.