Knowledge management and document management

In every project we optimize the way we share and apply the relevant knowledge and documentation. That’s why our software developers use different settings and tools for different projects.

Open source

We are quite enthusiastic about MediaWiki, an open source wiki. Sharing information is fast, safe and easy. Conversations are easily held and all relevant knowledge for a project is easily accessible in a single, searchable repository. Generally speaking, the quality of open source-wiki’s is sufficient and the amount of new functionalities keeps growing. We use them on a regular basis and we are happy to advise you about the appropiate tool for your project.


Just like MediaWiki and many open source wiki’s, Microsofts Sharepoint is highly reliable and accessible. Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies is a platform that can be used to host websites for online process management, collaboration, and the exchange of all kinds of documents and files. These objects are stored in libraries and can easily be enriched with metadata. The version control is managed well. With functionalities like fora, surveys, tasks, agenda’s, wiki’s and blogs, Sharepoint is an effective tool to support any software development project.