Software development outsourcing

We are NetRom Software BV. During 20 years of software development process optimisation, we have become a major centre of expertise in software development. Since 1998, we have been developing business-process critical software for Independent Software Vendors and a growing number of listed companies around the globe. We like to work under the obligation of result.

Who we are

We are over 300 university graduates: architects, analysts, designers and programmers. Our shareholders and board are Dutch. Management is Dutch and Rumanian. We deliver premium software solutions that will enable you to make a difference. Stop wasting precious time and energy by writing code. Concentrate on the needs of your customers and define the functionality their business requires. Outsource the design and the engineering, and benefit from our development expertise and flexibility. Want to know about the benefits of nearshoring in your situation? Contact us!

Team effort

We are specialized in the frameworks, platforms and methods required for effective and rapid software development. Our company is ISO 9001 certified and we offer various Microsoft Silver Competencies: Software Development, Web Development, Data Platform, Business Intelligence and Application Integration. But our key specializations are team effort and co-operating productively in an optimized development process, fully adapted to your needs. There is a click with NetRom!