• OSS/BSS Excellence: Streamlining telecom operations with customized OSS and BSS solutions for improved efficiency and customer service.

  • Communication Innovations: Leading in MDM, VoIP, and UC for seamless telecom connectivity and management.

  • Secure Service Delivery: Specializing in encrypted service orchestration and delivery for secure, efficient telecom operations.

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Business challenges we solve for our clients

Operational Support Systems (OSS)

Telecom companies face challenges in managing complex networks efficiently while ensuring high service quality. Issues like network faults, performance monitoring, and service deployment can impact customer satisfaction. NetRom develops advanced OSS software solutions that automate network management processes, enhance service monitoring, and streamline fault management, enabling telecom operators to maintain optimal network performance and customer service.

Business Support Systems (BSS)

Handling customer management, billing, and revenue management efficiently are significant challenges for telecom businesses. Inadequate BSS solutions can lead to billing errors and poor customer service. NetRom creates customized BSS applications that optimize billing processes, improve customer data management, and enhance revenue management systems, ensuring a seamless customer experience and accurate billing.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Managing extensive product data across multiple channels while ensuring consistency and accuracy poses a significant challenge. Inefficient data management can lead to operational inefficiencies and market misalignments. NetRom implements robust PIM software solutions that centralize product information management, ensuring data consistency across all channels, improving operational efficiency, and enabling faster market responses.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Enterprises struggle with securing and managing the diverse array of mobile devices within their network, impacting productivity and data security. NetRom provides comprehensive MDM solutions that enable secure management of mobile devices, ensuring data protection, enhancing device security, and supporting remote troubleshooting to boost productivity and safeguard corporate data.

Service Provisioning

Automating the provisioning of telecom services quickly and accurately is a challenge, affecting time-to-market and customer satisfaction. NetRom specializes in automating service provisioning processes, enabling telecom operators to efficiently launch and manage services, reducing time-to-market, and improving customer satisfaction through rapid service delivery.

Number Porting

Ensuring seamless number portability while maintaining service continuity and compliance with regulations is challenging for telecom providers. NetRom offers efficient number porting solutions that streamline the porting process, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimize service disruption, enhancing customer retention and satisfaction.


Protecting sensitive data and communications from unauthorized access and breaches is paramount in the telecom industry. NetRom develops strong encryption solutions that safeguard data and communications, ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance, and building trust with customers.

VoIP and Unified Communications (UC)

Integrating diverse communication tools into a seamless, efficient system is challenging, often resulting in fragmented communication channels. NetRom delivers cutting-edge VoIP and UC solutions that integrate various communication channels into a cohesive system, enhancing collaboration, reducing costs, and improving communication efficiency.

Service Delivery Platform and Service Orchestration

Coordinating and managing multiple telecom services and ensuring their smooth delivery is complex, impacting service agility and customer experience. NetRom excels in creating service delivery platforms and orchestrating services efficiently, enabling telecom operators to offer flexible, reliable services quickly, enhancing customer experience and operational agility.

  • Case study

    New orchestration layer makes fiber optic connections from Eurofiber easier to manage

    Eurofiber is internationally active in offering fiber optic connections. Eurofiber developed an orchestration layer in collaboration with NetRom to manage the infrastructure. This software layer bridges Eurofiber’s commercial and technical systems and makes the provider more resilient in offering this vital infrastructure.

Custom software development for telecom


Comprehensive OSS and BSS Expertise

NetRom excels in developing and enhancing Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), providing telecom operators with the infrastructure they need for efficient service provisioning, management, and billing. Our deep understanding of the telecom industry allows us to create solutions that streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.


Integrated Communication and Device Management Solutions

Specializing in Mobile Device Management (MDM), VoIP, and Unified Communications (UC), NetRom enables telecom companies to manage a wide range of devices and communication services efficiently. By integrating these technologies into cohesive platforms, we help our clients offer superior service quality, enhance user experience, and open up new revenue streams.


Secure and Scalable Service Orchestration

Our expertise in service delivery platforms and service orchestration, underpinned by robust encryption practices, ensures that telecom operators can securely and efficiently manage service lifecycles from inception to delivery. NetRom’s solutions are designed to be scalable, supporting telecom companies as they expand their services and adapt to evolving market demands.

Frequently asked questions

How can NetRom enhance our OSS/BSS systems?

NetRom specializes in developing tailored OSS/BSS solutions that streamline operations, from service provisioning to customer management and billing. We develop custom software that improves efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances customer satisfaction, directly impacting your bottom line.

What solutions does NetRom offer for integrating advanced telecom technologies?

We offer integration services for cutting-edge technologies like 5G, IoT, and Mobile Device Management, allowing telecom companies to seamlessly incorporate these innovations into their existing infrastructure. Our expertise ensures enhanced service delivery and operational efficiency.

Can NetRom help with our mobile device management needs?

Yes, NetRom provides comprehensive Mobile Device Management solutions that enable telecom companies to securely and efficiently manage a wide array of mobile devices across their network. This includes device tracking, security management, and remote troubleshooting to ensure optimal device performance and data security.

How does NetRom approach service provisioning and number porting challenges?

We develop custom software solutions that automate and streamline the service provisioning process and simplify number porting. Our solutions reduce operational complexities, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance customer service by enabling quicker, more reliable service activation and seamless number transfers.

What kind of encryption services does NetRom provide for telecom companies?

NetRom offers robust encryption solutions tailored to the telecom industry’s needs, safeguarding data transmission across networks and protecting sensitive customer information. Our encryption services ensure the highest security standards, helping telecom companies build trust with their customers.

How can NetRom assist in deploying VoIP and Unified Communications services?

We specialize in developing VoIP and Unified Communications platforms that integrate various communication tools into a single, cohesive system. Our solutions facilitate improved collaboration, reduced costs, and better communication efficiency, providing a competitive edge.

Can NetRom develop service delivery platforms for our company?

Absolutely. NetRom excels in creating service delivery platforms and orchestrating services for efficient management across the telecom service lifecycle. Our platforms are scalable, secure, and designed to enable telecom operators to quickly launch and manage new services, enhancing customer experience and operational agility.

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