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  • Custom Logistics Solutions: Optimizing operations with tailored software for the transport sector.

  • Scalable and Flexible: Adaptable solutions that evolve with your logistics challenges.

  • Efficiency Through Innovation: Streamlining operations with AI, IoT, and blockchain.

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Business challenges we solve for our clients:

Freight management system (FMS)

Managing freight operations involves complex coordination between different stakeholders, ensuring timely deliveries while minimizing costs. Companies often struggle with inefficient route planning, lack of visibility into freight status, and cumbersome paperwork. For our clients, we develop bespoke FMS solutions offer streamlined operations through automated route optimization, real-time tracking, and digital documentation, reducing operational costs and enhancing delivery reliability.

Track and trace

In logistics, the inability to accurately track and trace goods results in lost shipments, delayed deliveries, and diminished customer trust. Lack of real-time data further complicates inventory management. For our clients, we build and implement advanced trace and trace systems, providing end-to-end visibility of goods in transit, enabling better inventory planning and boosting customer satisfaction through timely updates.


Fleet operators face challenges in managing vehicle health, optimizing fuel usage, and ensuring driver safety. Without detailed insights into fleet operations, businesses cannot optimize their logistics efficiently. We develop telematics solutions that offer comprehensive fleet monitoring, including vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior analysis, and fuel management, leading to significant cost savings and safer fleet operations.

Warehouse management system (WMS)

Warehouses face challenges in maintaining inventory accuracy, optimizing storage space, and streamlining picking and packing processes, which can lead to inefficiencies and delays in order fulfillment. Without effective management, warehouses struggle to respond to demand fluctuations, impacting overall supply chain performance. The WMS solutions we develop for our clients offer real-time inventory visibility, automated picking and packing processes, and optimized space utilization. By leveraging advanced algorithms and IoT technology, our systems ensure that inventory is accurately tracked and managed, storage space is used efficiently, and order fulfillment processes are accelerated. This leads to improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and higher customer satisfaction through timely deliveries.

Parking management

Urban areas and logistics hubs struggle with efficiently managing parking spaces, leading to congestion and wasted time. Traditional parking solutions fail to adapt to real-time demand. We develop smart parking management systems utilize IoT and AI to optimize parking space usage, reduce congestion, and improve user experience by providing real-time information. We leveraging computer vision technologies for automated number plate scanning and predictive analytics to forecast parking demand across different times and locations. This capability enables parking operators to apply anticipate demand, apply dynamic pricing and improve resource allocation.

Geographic information systems (GIS)

Transport & logistics companies often lack the spatial data needed to make informed decisions regarding route planning, asset management, and risk assessment. This lack of insight can lead to inefficient operations and increased costs. NetRom leverages GIS technologies to provide detailed spatial insights, enabling optimized route planning, better asset tracking, and enhanced decision-making capabilities, leading to more efficient and cost-effective operations.

Supply chain management (SCM)

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and susceptible to disruptions, demanding greater flexibility and transparency to meet customer expectations and manage risks. We develop bespoke SCM solutions that enhance supply chain visibility, improve coordination among stakeholders, and increase resilience against disruptions through advanced analytics and automation, ensuring smooth and efficient supply chain operations.

Route planning and optimization (RPO)

Companies face difficulties in optimizing delivery routes in real-time, leading to increased fuel costs and delayed deliveries. Lack of dynamic route planning capabilities can result in inefficient resource utilization and decreased customer satisfaction. We develop sophisticated RPO solutions that dynamically adjust to real-time traffic, weather conditions, and customer demands, ensuring the most efficient routes are always utilized. This results in lower operational costs, timely deliveries, and improved service levels.

Transport management system (TMS)

Managing transportation logistics involves coordinating multiple elements, including carrier selection, freight consolidation, and regulatory compliance, often leading to operational inefficiencies. Businesses struggle to maintain cost-effectiveness while ensuring timely deliveries. TMS solutions that we develop streamline transportation processes from carrier selection to freight payment, offering visibility and control over the entire transportation lifecycle. Our solutions reduce shipping costs, improve compliance, and enhance operational efficiency, contributing to a more robust and responsive logistics strategy.

Yard management system (YMS)

Inefficiencies in yard operations, such as vehicle movements and loading dock scheduling, can lead to significant delays and operational bottlenecks. Companies often find it challenging to manage yard space effectively, impacting overall supply chain performance. We build and implement YMS solutions that optimize yard operations through real-time visibility, automated scheduling, and efficient space utilization. This enhances the speed and accuracy of loading and unloading operations, reduces dwell times, and improves the overall flow of goods through the supply chain.

  • Case study

    Frontliners’ logistics jigsaw puzzle requires advanced software

    The international transport of goods via multiple modalities and to various continents requires scalable, stable and cloud-based software. With a scope of three to four years, new development technologies and thirty NetRom developers, Frontliners’ planning software had to be modernized. The result is a long-term partnership with NetRom Software based on stability and quality.

Custom software development for transportation and logistics


Deep insight in logistics industry

NetRom harnesses extensive experience in the transport & logistics sector to develop software solutions that specifically address the industry’s unique challenges, such as optimizing routes and streamlining supply chains. Our deep understanding allows us to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and significantly improve customer satisfaction through tailored, innovative solutions.


Integrated technology solutions

Our comprehensive suite of services, including IoT, telematics, route optimization, and supply chain management (SCM), facilitates seamless, end-to-end management of logistics operations. By integrating advanced technologies, we empower clients to achieve greater visibility, control, and efficiency across their logistics and transportation networks.


Custom scalability

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the transport & logistics industry, NetRom focuses on delivering scalable software development services that grow with your business. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring they can meet evolving demands, support business expansion, and drive long-term success in a competitive marketplace.

Frequently asked questions

What types of software development services do you offer to the transport and logistics industry?

We specialize in developing a wide range of software solutions for the transport and logistics sector, including freight management systems, telematics, route optimization, supply chain management, and mobility solutions. Our services are designed to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline logistics processes.

How can your software solutions help improve operational efficiency in logistics?

Our software solutions leverage the latest technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain to optimize routes, track and manage assets in real time, automate warehouse operations, and improve overall supply chain visibility. This leads to reduced operational costs, minimized delays, and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Can you customize software solutions to meet our specific needs in the transport and logistics sector?

Absolutely. We understand that each business has unique challenges and requirements. Our approach involves working closely with you to identify your specific needs and developing customized software solutions that align with your business goals, ensuring they deliver maximum value and fit seamlessly into your existing operations. 

How do you ensure the scalability of your transport and logistics software solutions?

Our software solutions are designed with scalability in mind, allowing them to grow and adapt to your evolving business needs. We use modular architectures and cloud technologies to ensure that our solutions can easily accommodate growth in users, data volume, and transaction throughput without compromising performance. 

What support and maintenance services do you offer for software solutions in the transport and logistics industry?

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure your software solutions remain efficient, secure, and up-to-date. Our services include regular updates, security patches, performance monitoring, and technical support to address any issues that may arise, ensuring your operations run smoothly at all times.

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