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What clients think about us

  • “Due to the complexity and degree of integration of Vodafone Flex, we were determined that software development by NetRom would be the best option for us. ”

    Joao Borges
    Program LeadVodafoneZiggo
  • “Also very valuable is the fact that NetRom has a whole network of IT people. Internally we work with a small group, but you can go to NetRom with all kinds of questions such as which technology is best for which application. This has already led to choices that would have turned out differently if we had not consulted with them. Furthermore, in NetRom we have found a partner who unburdens us. All team members work well together. It’s not a separated team working at a distance. ”

    Willem-Sander Markerink
    Program ManagerQ-Park P1
  • “Regular and pleasant contact with management, development management and development teams. There are short lines of communication at all levels and room for feedback both ways regarding, among other things, cooperation and progress of projects and developments. Within the framework of an assignment, there are sufficient possibilities with NetRom to coordinate in terms of contact frequency with the development teams, the choice to apply e.g., Agile Scrum framework in terms of cooperation and agreements on (technical) specifications. In addition, a visit to Craiova, especially the new NetRom campus, that has been built in recent years is really worthwhile! ”

    Maaike Dircken
    Software Development ManagerWhitevision
  • “For us, NetRom is primarily a party that ensures flexibility, quality, and continuity. NetRom’s developers are an integral part of our teams. The advantage of blended teams is that you do not have to actively manage everything yourself and at the end of a project everything must be transferred and integrated. ”

    Peter Deumer
    Director of Digital Development/Software DevelopmentEurofiber
  • “Our products are just about fully developed in terms of features. We are now mainly working on making our solutions even more scalable, for example by migrating to the public cloud. That requires a lot of capacity on the development side. One of our biggest challenges is attracting talent. That challenge also exists in countries such as Romania. If a developer needs to be added or replaced, NetRom can do that relatively quickly, furthermore, as mentioned, employee turnover is low and that has to do with the quality of the employership. ”

    Tim Blok
    CTOVisma | Onguard
  • Case study

    Alpina’s journey to consolidate applications

    Insurers and its intermediaries need to deal with complex IT and outdated processes and products. Operating lean and mean to ensure an exceptional client experience and to stay ahead of competition is essential to this. Together with NetRom Software, Alpina Group aims to integrate and consolidate applications, as well as a gradual migration to Azure. Scaling up flexibly with specific knowledge and skills offered by NetRom helps Alpina establish the economies of scale and speed of innovation it’s after.

  • Case study

    NetRom helps P1 with domain specific development capacity 

    P1 develops and provides services for municipalities and parking garage operators, among others. The company turned to NetRom Software’s nearshoring capabilities to develop a very specific product. Several NetRom developers are now working on new solutions within the P1 development teams. This hybrid approach has created a partnership.

  • Case study

    Data-driven software from Ridder makes the greenhouse smarter and greener 

    Allowing crops to grow optimally based on data is the future for horticulture, Ridder reasons. The family business develops various products and services to achieve this. Think of picking robots based on AI. With the nearshore development capabilities of NetRom Software, Ridder is taking major steps towards further optimization and sustainability of horticulture.

  • Case study

    Frontliners’ logistics jigsaw puzzle requires advanced software

    The international transport of goods via multiple modalities and to various continents requires scalable, stable and cloud-based software. With a scope of three to four years, new development technologies and thirty NetRom developers, Frontliners’ planning software had to be modernized. The result is a long-term partnership with NetRom Software based on stability and quality.

  • Case study

    Strong cultural fit accelerates the development of IFS Ultimo 

    IFS Ultimo is a global player in offering Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). NetRom Software helped them with a cloud migration, allowing them to offer a fully cloud-based SaaS product with Ultimo. We further develop the software together. The good cultural fit between both parties helps enormously.

  • Case study

    New orchestration layer makes fiber optic connections from Eurofiber easier to manage

    Eurofiber is internationally active in offering fiber optic connections. Eurofiber developed an orchestration layer in collaboration with NetRom to manage the infrastructure. This software layer bridges Eurofiber’s commercial and technical systems and makes the provider more resilient in offering this vital infrastructure.

  • Case study

    SAi and NetRom build precision software for large format printing 

    SA International supplies numerous software tools for the sign industry, digital printers and CNC specialists. NetRom Software developed multiple software solutions for SAi, including a cloud-based solution from scratch. In addition to support, NetRom now also offers management and support of parts of SAi’s cloud platforms.

  • Case study

    With hybrid development teams, DDi was able to quickly implement AI technology

    DDi, a software company active in the non-life insurance market, sought reinforcement from NetRom to accelerate the modernization of its own platform. Blended development teams were set up in the Netherlands and Romania that are jointly responsible for the end result. This resulted in an AI-powered classification platform for data extraction.

  • Case study

    With the help of DevOps teams, Onguard migrated its platform to the cloud 

    Onguard, part of Visma | Onguard, develops order-to-cash solutions and focuses on larger companies. With the migration of its solutions to the cloud, Visma | Onguard was able to make their software more scalable. Assisted by the DevOps-teams from NetRom Software, the company was able to complete the migration and to develop new financial applications.

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With over 25 years of experience, we recognize that the success of software development services lies not just in code but in a deep understanding of your industry. We don’t just write code; we immerse ourselves in your world. We recognize that every software development collaboration is unique, requiring a team with the right mix of skills, expertise, and cultural fit. We redefine IT outsourcing, moving beyond mere remote staffing to become your strategic product development partner.

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