Continuous commitment


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We offer our specialists plenty of challenges and inspiration. Watch our vision of nearshoring in Software outsourcing: pitfalls and value (2:45).

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20 years of best practices

Whether you outsource a major project or call in just one developer, the knowhow of our 300 specialists is always at your disposal.

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The obligation of result

We provide technological expertise, in-depth understanding of your business logic and clear governance. Along with strict guarantees on budget, planning and quality.

We work in virtually every industry - including yours



In a wide range of industries, our customers and their partners are happy to work with our reliable, user-friendly and innovative software. In our case studies, they share their experiences and results. Read how we eliminate risks during the entire development process and how we live up to our guarantees. We 'll be happy to tell you more.


Financial Services

The vast field of financial services is one of our main areas of expertise. Ever since 1998, we have continuously accumulated experience in the operational support of a wide range of financial service providers. We built thorough and extensive expertise in business processes and micro-processes in many different domains. Insurance, credit management, collection and factoring are just a few out of many examples.


Mobile Solutions

We are a leading provider of apps development services. Our specialised teams have been working on mobile projects since the very first years of our company. Our mobile development capacity consists of 70+ developers and it keeps growing fast. Our expertise covers devices of all operating systems, brands, sizes and shapes. We build, operate and maintain very large apps across many fields, including fleet management, tracking & tracing and online retail.


Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics companies are constantly under pressure to improve the quality and efficiency of their processes, and the speed and accuracy of deliveries. Our software development services help you to reduce costs while optimizing a wide range of processes: from fleet management and order management to supply chain acceleration and an enhanced customer experience.



Our most prominent group of customers consists of Independent Software Vendors. Some are triggered by our large scale operations, others by our versatility or our commitment to long term customer satisfaction. They all benefit from our expertise in the three domains of technology, business logic and governance. This specialism results in minimalised risks and a maximal output.



For obvious reasons, software in healthcare has to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of security, reliability, speed and functionality. At the same time, the software development process has to meet high standards of efficiency and predictability. We are proud that a wide range of clinical treatment and research institutions recognize the versatility and the quality of our services and processes.


Professional Services

We understand the business logic in all kinds of administrative and organisational backoffice processes across various industries. We support independent specialists and organizations, providing them with software that helps them improve and accelerate administration and evaluation processes, allowing organisations to channel their core activities and efforts well-aimed and accurately.



We provide top travel and tourism companies with powerful, innovative software, enabling them to help millions of travelers while offering easy and accurate operational control. It is one of our specialties to make extremely large scale business procedures fast and easily manageable.


Process Industry

We support order-driven companies with in-depth expertise of technology and business logic. We work for both the (food and stimulant) processing industries and the process manufacturing industries as well as their suppliers. We share a strong focus on rock solid development and deployment processes, completely ensuring the continuity of production.



Telecommunication is one of our key verticals. We have acquired in-depth and extensive expertise and a vast experience with the business models, the business logic and the administrative processes of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and related businesses. Please take a look at our reference list.


Education & Science

Being young academics, we maintain excellent relationships with various universities. Educational processes and scientific methods belong to our nature. We take great joy in helping our customers deliver software solutions which facilitate cutting-edge research and futuristic e-learning environments across a large number of knowledge domains.


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The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.
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