Financial software services

  • Financial Operations Optimization: Custom software for efficient debt collection, credit management, and insurance policy handling.

  • Enhanced Security Measures: Advanced security and authentication systems to protect sensitive financial data and transactions.

  • Compliance Mastery: Streamlining regulatory reporting and compliance for financial institutions with bespoke software solutions.

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Business challenges we solve for our clients

Debt collection software

Debt collection poses significant operational challenges, requiring precise tracking, communication, and legal compliance. NetRom develops custom debt collection software that automates and streamlines these processes, enhancing efficiency and success rates while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Know your consumer (KYC) automation

KYC processes are critical for preventing fraud and complying with anti-money laundering regulations, but manual verification is time-consuming and prone to errors. NetRom creates bespoke KYC automation solutions that speed up the verification process, reduce errors, and ensure regulatory compliance, all while improving customer onboarding experiences.

Trade finance

Trade finance operations face challenges in managing complex international transactions, including risks, document handling, and regulatory compliance. NetRom builds tailored trade finance software that simplifies these transactions, ensuring efficient processing, risk mitigation, and adherence to global trade regulations.

Compliance and regulatory reporting

Financial institutions struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing regulatory environment, risking non-compliance and penalties. NetRom develops custom compliance and regulatory reporting software that automates the tracking and reporting processes, ensuring that financial institutions remain compliant with current regulations.

Credit management

Managing and assessing credit involves complex risk assessment, monitoring, and customer management. NetRom builds bespoke credit management software solutions that automate these processes, improving risk assessment accuracy and operational efficiency while enhancing customer relationship management.

Insurance policy management

Insurance companies need to manage policies efficiently, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and customer satisfaction. NetRom provides custom insurance policy management software that streamlines policy administration, claims processing, and customer communication, improving operational efficiency and customer service.

Lease management software

Lease management requires accurate tracking of lease terms, payments, and compliance with financial standards. NetRom creates tailored lease management software that automates these aspects, ensuring efficient management, compliance with standards like IFRS 16, and improved financial reporting.

Payment processing

Secure and efficient payment processing is crucial for financial transactions but faces challenges with security, compatibility, and transaction speed. NetRom develops custom payment processing solutions that ensure secure, fast, and compatible transactions across various platforms and currencies.

Financial accounting software

Financial institutions need accurate and comprehensive account management systems to track transactions, balances, and customer interactions. NetRom builds bespoke financial account software that provides real-time data, enhances operational efficiency, and improves customer service through detailed account management and reporting.

Security and authentication

In the digital age, financial services must safeguard against increasing cyber threats and ensure secure customer transactions. NetRom specializes in developing advanced security and authentication solutions, employing the latest technologies to protect sensitive data, ensure secure transactions, and build customer trust through robust cybersecurity measures.

  • Case study

    Alpina’s journey to consolidate applications to establish digital optimization

    Insurers and its intermediaries need to deal with complex IT and outdated processes and products. Operating lean and mean to ensure an exceptional client experience and to stay ahead of competition is essential to this. Together with NetRom Software, Alpina Group aims to integrate and consolidate applications, as well as a gradual migration to Azure. Scaling up flexibly with specific knowledge and skills offered by NetRom helps Alpina establish the economies of scale and speed of innovation it’s after.

  • Case study

    With hybrid development teams, DDi was able to quickly implement AI technology

    DDi, a software company active in the non-life insurance market, sought reinforcement from NetRom to accelerate the modernization of its own platform. Blended development teams were set up in the Netherlands and Romania that are jointly responsible for the end result. This resulted in an AI-powered classification platform for data extraction.

  • Case study

    With the help of DevOps teams, Onguard migrated its platform to the cloud 

    Onguard, part of Visma | Onguard, develops order-to-cash solutions and focuses on larger companies. With the migration of its solutions to the cloud, Visma | Onguard was able to make their software more scalable. Assisted by the DevOps-teams from NetRom Software, the company was able to complete the migration and to develop new financial applications.

Custom software development for financial services


Financial Management Software Development

Our expertise spans a wide range of financial services solutions, including debt collection software, Know Your Customer (KYC) automation, trade finance systems, credit management software, insurance policy management software, and more. NetRom designs these solutions to optimize financial operations, enhance accuracy, and increase productivity across the board. By understanding the specific challenges and requirements of our clients, we deliver software that not only meets but exceeds their expectations, driving efficiency and growth.


Advanced Security and Authentication Solutions for Financial Services

In an era where digital threats are evolving rapidly, NetRom prioritizes the development of robust security and authentication solutions for the financial sector. Our systems are designed to protect sensitive financial data and transactions against cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of client information. By implementing the latest security technologies and methodologies, we provide our clients with the assurance that their operations are safeguarded against both current and future security challenges.


Comprehensive Compliance and Regulatory Reporting Expertise

NetRom excels in creating custom compliance and regulatory reporting software tailored to the unique needs of the financial services sector. By leveraging our deep understanding of global financial regulations, we develop solutions that not only streamline compliance processes but also equip financial institutions with the tools they need to stay ahead of regulatory changes. This proactive approach minimizes operational risks and ensures that our clients can focus on their core business activities without the constant concern of regulatory compliance.

Frequently asked questions

Does NetRom have expertise in developing custom debt collection software?

Yes, we specialize in developing bespoke debt collection software that automates collection processes, improves efficiency, and ensures compliance with legal standards, tailored specifically to meet your agency’s needs.

How can NetRom’s KYC automation solutions benefit our financial institution?

The custom KYC automation solutions we develop expedite the customer verification process, enhance accuracy, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve the overall customer onboarding experience by minimizing manual tasks and potential errors.

What trade finance software solutions does NetRom offer?

NetRom builds tailored trade finance software that simplifies complex international transactions, enhances risk management, and ensures compliance with global regulations, streamlining your trade finance operations for better efficiency.

Can NetRom help us with compliance and regulatory reporting?

Absolutely. We develop custom compliance and regulatory reporting software that automates and simplifies the process of staying compliant with ever-changing regulations, helping you avoid penalties and maintain operational integrity.

How does NetRom approach credit management software development?

We create bespoke credit management software that automates risk assessment, monitors credit portfolios, and enhances customer relationship management, tailored to support your specific operational workflows and risk policies.

What services does NetRom offer for insurance policy management?

NetRom provides services to develop custom insurance policy management software that streamlines policy administration, claims processing, and customer communication, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction for insurance companies.

How can NetRom assist with lease management software needs?

We develop tailored lease management software solutions that automate the tracking and reporting of lease agreements, ensuring accurate management, compliance with standards like IFRS 16, and enhanced financial reporting.

Does NetRom develop payment processing software?

Yes, we develop bespoke payment processing solutions that ensure secure, fast, and versatile transactions across different platforms and currencies, enhancing your transaction processing capabilities.

Can NetRom build financial account software for our institution?

We specialize in creating custom financial account software that offers real-time tracking of transactions and balances, improves operational efficiency, and enhances customer service with detailed account management features.

What security and authentication solutions does NetRom provide for financial services?

NetRom develops advanced security and authentication solutions tailored to the financial services industry, employing the latest technologies to protect against cyber threats, secure transactions, and build trust with robust data protection measures.

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