NetRom Software BV is a company of Dutch shareholders with a Dutch managing director. Contracts and invoices are in Dutch or English and subject to Dutch law. Management in Rumania is both Dutch and Rumanian. All our employees are fluent in English. Formed in 1998, the organization has shown steady growth in sales, result and scale. We employ over 300 developers.


The corporate culture is dominated by four values: quality, responsibility, reliability and personal contact. For each individual client organization, the process of co-operation is configured and optimized most carefully. We distinguish ourselvers from other offshore and nearshore companies because of our expertise, our passion and the quality of our software development process. That’s why we like to work under the obligation of result.


Our strategy is aimed at a controlled acceleration of our current steady growth. Hence our systematic investments in the future. The best example is the development of the new NetRom Campus, which will be opened in 2020.