AI development services

  • AI tailored to your industry: tailored solutions designed to meet your specific business challenges and enhance competitive advantage.

  • Comprehensive AI development services: covering technical design, development, deployment, and ongoing support for seamless integration and sustained impact.

  • Ethical and transparent AI: commitment to data security and ethical practices ensures trustworthy and responsible AI solutions.

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AI development services we provide:

Generative AI development services

Generative AI development services at NetRom Software involve the creation of advanced algorithms capable of generating new, original content, including text, images, code, and more. This technology enables businesses to automate content generation, foster creativity, and drive product and service innovation. Our AI development services and generative AI solutions are tailored to help companies automate repetitive tasks, produce personalized content at scale, and develop innovative AI-driven applications, enhancing efficiency and unlocking new creative potentials. 

Computer vision development services

Our computer vision development services provide the capability to process, analyze, and interpret visual data from the world around us. NetRom Software develops computer vision applications that enable machines to understand and interact with the visual world in a manner similar to human perception. Applications range from image recognition and processing to complex video analysis and augmented reality, offering transformative solutions for industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and security, by automating visual tasks and providing deep insights from visual data. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) development services

Natural Language Processing (NLP) development services at NetRom Software focus on enabling machines to understand, interpret, and generate human language. This encompasses a wide range of capabilities, from sentiment analysis and customer service automation to language translation and content summarization. Our NLP solutions are designed to help businesses improve communication with customers, automate routine interactions, extract valuable insights from textual data, and enhance the accessibility of digital content across different languages and dialects. 

Machine learning development services

Machine Learning development services at NetRom Software involve designing and implementing algorithms that enable computers to learn from and make predictions or decisions based on data. This service includes developing predictive models, recommendation systems, and automated decision-making systems across various industries. Our machine learning solutions are aimed at optimizing operations, enhancing decision-making, personalizing customer experiences, and identifying trends and patterns in large datasets, leading to actionable insights and strategic advantages. 

Deep learning development services

Deep Learning development services at NetRom Software utilize complex neural networks to model and solve intricate problems. This branch of AI mimics the human brain’s ability to learn from vast amounts of data, making it particularly effective for tasks such as speech recognition, natural language understanding, and image classification. Our deep learning solutions are crafted to tackle the most challenging problems, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in areas like autonomous systems, sophisticated analytics, and personalized user experiences. 

Real-time AI analytics development services

Real-time AI Analytics development services at NetRom Software offer businesses the ability to analyze and act upon data in the moment. By leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, our services provide instant insights and automated actions based on live data streams. This enables companies to respond to changes swiftly, optimize operations in real-time, and enhance customer experiences through immediate personalization and support. Ideal for dynamic environments and critical decision-making processes, our real-time AI analytics solutions transform vast, fast-moving data sets into a competitive edge. 

Benefits of AI development services 

Increase operational efficiency and automation

AI development services can significantly boost operational efficiency across various business processes. By automating routine tasks, analyzing large volumes of data rapidly, and optimizing workflows, businesses can free up valuable resources and focus on strategic initiatives. NetRom’s AI solutions are designed to streamline operations, reduce manual intervention, and ensure that resources are allocated toward high-value activities, leading to cost savings and improved productivity.

Enable data analysis beyond human capacity

AI technologies have the unique ability to sift through and analyze vast amounts of data far beyond human capacity, uncovering patterns, trends, and insights that might not be immediately apparent. NetRom leverages machine learning, deep learning, and analytics to provide businesses with actionable insights, predictive analytics, and data-driven decision-making tools. This capability allows companies to make more informed decisions faster, anticipate market changes, and tailor their strategies to meet future demands effectively.

Enhance customer experience through personalization

AI development services enable businesses to offer personalized experiences to their customers by analyzing customer data and behavior patterns. NetRom’s AI solutions can help in creating more engaging and customized user experiences, from personalized product recommendations to targeted content and communication strategies. This level of personalization not only improves customer satisfaction and loyalty but also drives revenue growth by delivering relevant offers and services that meet individual customer needs.


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Why NetRom Software?

Partner with a company that combines technical excellence, a personalized approach, ethical practices, a proven track record, and a commitment to long-term success.


Expertise across diverse AI domains

NetRom stands out with its comprehensive expertise across a wide spectrum of AI technologies. This diverse skill set means that whether a client needs advanced generative AI, sophisticated computer vision capabilities, nuanced NLP applications, cutting-edge machine learning models, deep learning solutions, or real-time analytics, NetRom has the specialized knowledge to deliver. This ability to cover the full breadth of AI services under one roof simplifies the development process for clients, ensuring that all their AI needs can be met efficiently and effectively.


Customized AI solutions tailored to specific business needs

NetRom excels in developing bespoke AI solutions that are meticulously tailored to the unique challenges and objectives of each client. Understanding that every business’s needs are distinct, NetRom invests time in deeply understanding those needs and devising strategies that leverage AI to address them directly. This personalized approach ensures that AI solutions are not just technologically advanced but also perfectly aligned with the client’s business goals, driving real value and competitive advantage.


Commitment to ethical AI and data security

In an era where data privacy and ethical concerns are paramount, NetRom prioritizes the ethical development of AI solutions and the security of client data. The company adheres to the highest standards of data protection and ethical AI practices, ensuring that all AI solutions are developed with transparency, fairness, and respect for privacy at their core. This commitment builds trust and ensures that clients can deploy AI technologies confidently, knowing they adhere to ethical standards and protect their customers’ data.


Proven track record of success and innovation

NetRom’s extensive portfolio of successful AI projects across various industries serves as a testament to its ability to deliver innovative and effective AI solutions. This proven track record gives prospective clients confidence in NetRom’s capabilities and its role as a reliable partner in navigating the complexities of AI development, ensuring that projects are not only completed efficiently but also drive forward-thinking innovation.


Ongoing support and evolution

Understanding that AI development is not a one-time task but a continuous journey, NetRom offers ongoing support and evolution services for all AI solutions. This ensures that AI applications remain at the cutting edge, adapting to new data, evolving market needs, and technological advancements. This ongoing partnership model helps clients maintain their competitive edge and ensures that their AI solutions continue to deliver value over time.

  • Case study

    With hybrid development teams, DDi was able to quickly implement AI technology

    DDi, a software company active in the non-life insurance market, sought reinforcement from NetRom to accelerate the modernization of its own platform. Blended development teams were set up in the Netherlands and Romania that are jointly responsible for the end result. This resulted in an AI-powered classification platform for data extraction.

  • Case study

    Frontliners’ logistics jigsaw puzzle requires advanced software

    The international transport of goods via multiple modalities and to various continents requires scalable, stable and cloud-based software. With a scope of three to four years, new development technologies and thirty NetRom developers, Frontliners’ planning software had to be modernized. The result is a long-term partnership with NetRom Software based on stability and quality.

  • Case study

    Strong cultural fit accelerates the development of IFS Ultimo 

    IFS Ultimo is a global player in offering Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). NetRom Software helped them with a cloud migration, allowing them to offer a fully cloud-based SaaS product with Ultimo. We further develop the software together. The good cultural fit between both parties helps enormously.

  • Case study

    NetRom helps P1 with domain specific development capacity 

    P1 develops and provides services for municipalities and parking garage operators, among others. The company turned to NetRom Software’s nearshoring capabilities to develop a very specific product. Several NetRom developers are now working on new solutions within the P1 development teams. This hybrid approach has created a partnership.

Our approach to AI development services


Explore match

The journey begins with exploring the compatibility between your organization and NetRom, focusing on aligning our vision, values, and expectations for AI development. This initial exploration phase is crucial for establishing a foundation based on mutual understanding, trust, and clear communication. It’s an opportunity to discuss the broader objectives you aim to achieve with AI, the challenges you face, and how NetRom’s expertise can complement your efforts. This step ensures that both parties are well-aligned and committed to a shared vision of success.


Technical deep-dive and information exchange

Following the initial alignment, the next step involves a detailed technical exchange where your team and NetRom’s experts dive deep into the specifics of your AI needs and the technical landscape. This includes sharing information about your current systems, data infrastructure, and specific AI ambitions. The goal is to thoroughly understand the technical requirements, constraints, and opportunities, enabling NetRom to tailor its approach to your unique context. This step is pivotal for laying the groundwork for a successful AI solution that is both technically viable and strategically aligned with your business goals.


Proof of Concept (PoC)

With a solid understanding of the technical and business landscape, the partnership progresses to developing a proof of concept (PoC). This PoC serves as a tangible demonstration of how AI can address your specific needs, showcasing the potential impact and feasibility of a larger-scale solution. It allows both parties to validate assumptions, refine the approach based on real data and feedback, and build confidence in the proposed AI strategy. The success of the PoC is a critical milestone, setting the stage for more extensive collaboration.


Hybrid or dedicated collaboration model

Upon successful validation of the PoC, the collaboration typically evolves into a hybrid model where NetRom begins augmenting your in-house AI development team with a selection of its expert AI developers and a QA engineer. A dedicated team approach is also a feasible option to be explored. A hybrid approach allows for a seamless integration of external expertise with your internal capabilities, fostering a dynamic and flexible development environment. It’s designed to bolster your AI projects with additional skills and perspectives, ensuring high-quality development processes and outcomes while maintaining close alignment with your internal team’s culture and objectives.


Scaling development capacity

As the partnership matures and initial projects demonstrate success, the collaboration can be scaled to meet evolving needs. This scaling can take the form of moving towards dedicated teams entirely managed by NetRom or continuing the hybrid model with a balanced mix of in-house and NetRom AI developers. This step is tailored to your preferences and growth objectives, focusing on optimizing the collaboration model to support ongoing AI initiatives, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable, long-term success.

What clients think about us

  • “At DDi, we draw on the knowledge of our own team. However, NetRom developers draw on the knowledge of hundreds of colleagues. You notice how well this works in day-to-day operations: if you run into an issue, NetRom’s developers will look for a solution within their community. As a result, we have adopted working on specific challenges with communities in our own company: focusing more on knowledge sharing, coming together with certain goals for as long as necessary. ”

    Thom Menssink
  • “Regular and pleasant contact with management, development management and development teams. There are short lines of communication at all levels and room for feedback both ways regarding, among other things, cooperation and progress of projects and developments. Within the framework of an assignment, there are sufficient possibilities with NetRom to coordinate in terms of contact frequency with the development teams, the choice to apply e.g., Agile Scrum framework in terms of cooperation and agreements on (technical) specifications. In addition, a visit to Craiova, especially the new NetRom campus, that has been built in recent years is really worthwhile! ”

    Maaike Dircken
    Software Development ManagerWhitevision
  • “The NetRom developers are highly educated, but also young and therefore also receive internal training at the start. Moreover, Frontliners has deliberately opted for a dedicated team. This provides plenty of room for building domain knowledge and a stable team. The NetRom developers, for their part, are keen to stay involved in the project because it’s a very advanced and challenging solution they’re working on – the employee turnover rate is low. ”

    Sebastiaan de Gouw

Frequently asked questions

What types of AI development services does NetRom offer?

NetRom provides a comprehensive suite of AI development services, including Generative AI, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Real-Time AI Analytics. These services encompass everything from creating systems that generate new content to developing sophisticated algorithms for data analysis and insight generation. 

How can Generative AI development services benefit my business?

Generative AI can automate content creation, enhance product design, and streamline decision-making processes. It’s particularly useful for marketing, design, and customer service applications, enabling businesses to create personalized content at scale, innovate in product development, and improve customer engagement. 

What are the applications of Computer Vision in industry? 

Computer Vision applications range from quality control in manufacturing to retail analytics, healthcare diagnostics, and security surveillance. This technology enables machines to interpret and act upon visual data, automating tasks like defect detection, patient monitoring, shopper behavior analysis, and threat identification. 

What distinguishes Machine Learning from Deep Learning services?

Machine Learning involves algorithms that learn from data to make predictions or decisions. Deep Learning, a subset of Machine Learning, uses neural networks with many layers to analyze complex patterns in large datasets. While Machine Learning is versatile and widely applicable, Deep Learning excels in tasks requiring intricate pattern recognition, such as image and speech recognition.

How can Real-Time AI Analytics transform my business operations?

Real-Time AI Analytics can provide immediate insights into business operations, customer behavior, and market trends, enabling rapid decision-making and operational adjustments. This technology supports dynamic pricing, fraud detection, customer experience personalization, and supply chain optimization, among other applications, by analyzing data in real time. 

How does NetRom ensure the success of its AI development projects?

NetRom follows a structured approach with our AI development services, starting with a deep understanding of client needs and objectives. We leverage our extensive expertise across various AI domains, adopt best practices in project management and development, and maintain a strong focus on ethical AI and data security. Continuous collaboration and communication with our clients ensure that projects meet their goals and deliver real business value.