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    UNET: "The development process is
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    Care Autoschade: "In Craiova, I was struck
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outsourcing software development

NetRom: centre of expertise

We are experts in software development under the obligation of result. Take a look at our offering in the short film below: Software outsourcing: pitfalls and value (2:45). » more about us

NetRom Software development specialists

260 software development specialists

Whether you outsource a major project or call in just one programmer, the knowhow of our 260 specialists is always at your disposal. » more about our approach

software development process

Our expertise: the development process

We provide technological expertise, in-depth understanding of your business logic and clear governance. That's why we easily give you strict guarantees on budget, quality and planning. » more about our expertise

Financial Services

The vast field of financial services is one of our main areas of expertise. Having accumulated experience in financial operations since 1998, we have built extensive expertise in business processes and micro-processes in domains like credit management, collection, factoring, insurance and many others. Read more...

Mobile Solutions

We are a product leader in mobile software development. Our mobile department consists of 50 developers and is growing fast. Their expertise covers devices of all operating systems, brands and sizes. We build, operate and maintain very large applications in fields like fleet management, tracking & tracing and many, many others. Read more...

Transportation & Logistics

Companies are constantly improving the quality and efficiency of their processes , the speed and accuracy of deliveries. Our services contribute to cost reduction, while optimizing a wide range of processes: from fleet management and order management to supply chain acceleration and an enhanced customer experience. Read more...


Our most prominent group of customers consists of Independent Software Vendors. Whether they are triggered by our large scale operations, our versatility or our commitment to long term customer satisfaction, they all benefit from our expertise in the domains of technology, business logic and governance. The results are minimalized risks and a maximal output. Read more...


For obvious reasons, healthcare software has to meet most demanding requirements with regards to security, reliability, speed and functionality. However, the development process has to meet high standards of efficiency. We are proud of the clinical treatment and research institutions that recognize the quality of our services in both respects. Read more...

Professional Services

We understand the business logic in all kinds of administrative and organizational backoffice processes in various industries. We support independent specialists and organizations by providing software which enables faster administration and evaluation processes, allowing our customers to channel efforts in key areas of their business. Read more...


We provide top travel and tourism companies with powerful, innovative software, enabling them to help millions of travelers while offering easy and accurate operational control. It is one of our specialties to make overwhelmingly large scale business procedures fast and easily manageable. Read more...

Education & Science

Being academics, we maintain strong relationships with various universities. Educational processes and scientific methods are our second nature. We take great joy in helping our customers deliver solutions which facilitate cutting-edge research and futuristic E-learning environments across a large number of knowledge domains. Read more...

Process Industry

We provide companies in both the (food) processing industries and the process manufacturing industries as well as their suppliers with in-depth technological expertise. We share a strong focus on rock solid development and deployment processes, completely ensuring the continuity of production. Read more...


Telecommunication is one of our key verticals. We have acquired extensive experience in the business models, business logic and administrative processes of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and related businesses. Our reference list shows it. Read more...


In a wide range of industries, our customers and their partners are happy to work with our reliable, user-friendly and innovative software. Read their stories and find out more about the way we eliminate risks during software development in virtually every industry - including yours. Read more...


If you are able to catch really everything you know about a subject in words, it simply means that you don't know enough about it.

Mikhail Katsnelson (1957)

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Hazeldonk 6006, 4836 La Breda
T Tel: +31 (0)765 420 740
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Caracal Blvd 178, Craiova 200746
T Tel: +40 (0)251 437 738>
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